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Arjun tank :Advanced version successfully destroyed the target.


Firepower demonstration of advanced version of main battle tank Arjun Mark-1 ALFA took place at Pokhran  field firing range in Jaisalmer district on Friday.

Konark Corps GOC Lt Gen P S Minhas, Battle Axe Division GOC Major Gen Ajit Singh Gehlot and other senior officers were present to witness the firing capability of the tank.

However,the Arjun tank was included in Indian army in the year 2004.

It has gone through many changes and modifications after .
In this series,on the recommendation of Indian army and DRDO,14 new features are added to the tank.

According to the reports,the upgradation is successful and the tank capable of hitting the target within no time.

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An official source said, “Seeing the current scenario and challenges, the firepower demonstration of main battle tank Arjun Mark-1 ALFA, which is an advanced version of Arjun, took place to check its capabilities in various parameters in the desert area, thus, fulfilling Army’s future requirements.”

The tank has been developed indigenously by DRDO and combined vehicles research and development establishment Chennai. In the new advanced version, the firing system has been upgraded with automatic fire control system guided missiles.

Main features of Arjun tank.

Arjun tank finds its target by itself and can make right hit impact if the target is even moving .

It is more safe and move effectively in war conditions.

It is anti mines in nature.

It is missile and grenade proof.

It is not effected by chemical attack.

Focus on improving power and technology.

Amid the rising clashes between India and China , India is increasing its firepower and technology .
More than dozens missiles are successfully tested in the late 6 months.
DRDO working regularly to increase country’s strength and firepower.

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