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Bank of Oklahoma ATM, Deposit, Charges And Locations


At present there are more than 450 ATM in City of Oklahoma and to find Bank of Oklahoma ATM is very tough task.

How to find the Bank of Oklahoma ATM locations

The big benefit of being a bank of Oklahoma client is that you get free access to hundreds of ATM across Oklahoma.

Bank Of Oklahoma ATM

One can easily find out the location of an ATM in the go with Mobile app.

Bank of Oklahoma ATM deposit

Oklahoma Bank provides the facility of fast , easy and secure deposits at all. Bank of Oklahoma ATM is located at banking centers of Bank Of Oklahoma and selected grocery stores as well as other convenient sites.

The most important objective of the Oklahoma ATM deposits is that you will get same day credit on your deposit until 10 PM.

To make a deposit at Bank of Oklahoma ATM , follow these steps 

I) Insert your Bank of Oklahoma Visa Debit card.

II) Simply stack the cash and checks you want to deposit.

III) Insert into the ATM when prompted

IV) Confirm your deposit and finish it.

You need not to envelop on deposit slips. Just insert your cash and checks directly into the ATM and let the ATM do the rest.

Once the ATM reads your check, count your cash and confirm the deposit amount, Images of the checks and a list of the cash deposited will appear right on your printed receipt .

It is that much easy.

Bank Of Oklahoma Mobile deposit

It is safe , easy and most convenient way to deposit checks . It is as easy as taking a picture.

Other benefit is that you can make a deposit any time , anywhere without waiting in line or making a trip to the bank .

This helps you to save your valuable time.

Just follow these steps to make money deposit easy

I) Download mobile banking app available for the iPhone, iPad and Android versions.

II)Log in to the app using your online banking username and password.

III)Tap the deposit button and select “make a deposit” option.

IV)Enter the check amount.

V)Take a picture of both, front and back of your endorsed check.

VI)Review your check images and press the “deposit Check” Button.

Once your deposit has been submitted you will receive a confirmation email regarding the status and that’s it.

Bank  Mortgage

You want to buy a house, Big yard, Safe neighborhood, Wood floors.

 Now you need a loan from someone you can trust, with the stability of a big bank but the customer service of a local bank.

And that’s when you find Bank Of Oklahoma.

Getting the process started with is easy and convenient.

Online from home in your slippers or in person, it’s your choice.

Attentive team of mortgage bankers will make sure the process goes smoothly so you can get the closing on time.

That’s why they have local operations staff on site to help push the loan through as quickly as possible – so you get that shiny new key.

The smile you make when you open your door for the first time is the reason we get up in the morning.

Making a house someone’s home is why this bank exist. Call, stop by or visit Bank Of Oklahoma online for a free pre-qualification or to get started today.

Bank Of Oklahoma ATM fees

As we all know that all banks imply some service charges on the accounts of their clients.

So before banking, we should aware of these charges to avoid any confusion today we will talk about the Bank of Oklahoma ATM fees.

The bank of Oklahoma ATM fees is likely to be normal in comparison with other banks

The Fees and Charges are as Follows

I)ATM / Debit card Replacement fee -$5.00

II)Bank Of Oklahoma ATM Transactions- $00

III)Non Bank Of Oklahoma ATM – $2.00

IV)International ATM and Debit Card Transactions – $2 plus 3% of the total Transaction Amount

Bank Of Oklahoma Other charges

We are  providing you a list of important charges and the fees of bank of Oklahoma

I) Check Printing – Fees varies by style of check and qantity ordered

II) Collection Items – $10 Per Item

III) Deposit Verification fees – $15.00 each

IV) Inactivity fees – $5.00 per month

V) Official checks – $3.00 per checks for clients

VI) Phone Transfer fees-

a) No Charge through Express Bank Automated Service

b) $2.00 Per transfer through Express Bankers

VII) Deposit items Returned fee ( Charge backs )

VIII) Dormant Account fees – $10.00 per month

IX) Statement Fees

a) Special statement cycle – $5.00 each

b) Online Statement – $0.00

c) Paper statement – $1.5 where applicable

d) Transactions summary

X) External Transfers 

a) Incoming Transfers – $0.00

XI) Excessive Withdrawal fees – per excessive item

a) Business Savings – $1.00

b) Youth saving – $2.00

c) Personal Savings / personal money Market/ premier Money Market – $10.00

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