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Best Geography Books for UPSC Mains And Prelims

Best geography books for upsc

Geography is one of the important subject of UPSC Mains and Prelims exam as well. It has got equal weightage like Polity , Economics and History. Here are some best Geography Books for UPSC which will assured your selection.

Also Geography is the subject which is opted by most of the UPSC aspirants as a optional subject. 

So studying Geography deeply is what required for Cracking Exams. And before that selection of materials is crucial.

There are much of resources available for the purpose but you need to be selective .

Aspirants have to struggle and look up for here and there for appropriate books . But here we summarized best geography books for UPSC . 

This will save your time and you will be provided with useful and enough material to get through it.

Just select what you want and grab these books before your competitor 


Indian and World Geography By Majid Hussain 


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Book Overview 

First published in 2011, the book ‘Indian and World Geography’ was revised for the first time in 2014.

Right from its first issue, the book has shown a steady increase in its popularity and readership in India as well as in adjacent countries.

Best Geography Books For UPSC

Geography as a subject continues to have significant importance in the Civil Services Preliminary as well as the Mains examinations.

The second and now the third edition of this book have been revised and updated in the light of the course structure and pattern introduced in 2011.

The book is widely used also by aspirants of the State Services Competitive Exams as well as by those appearing for UGC’s NET.


Product Details

Item Weight 798 g
Paperback 576 pages
LanguageMcGraw Hill Education (19 September 2016)
Customer Ratings4


Certificate Physical And Human Geography By G C Leong


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 Book Overview

Be it climate change, types of natural vegetation, mountain chains, desserts, climatic patterns, glaciers, minerals or other natural phenomenon, Certificate Physical and Human Geography is a natural companion book to know and learn from.

Best Geography book for UPSC

Elementary details of most topics that comprise of physical and human geography have been covered in an easy to understand language, with many photographs, illustrations and maps offering detailed explanation, wherever required.

Much of geographical knowledge that one needs to possess is there in this book.

And for it, the book is highly relied upon by students appearing for competitive admission examinations or those aspiring to make the grades at competitive examinations held for many government openings by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

Book Sections

The book is divided into two main sections. The first one deals with physical geography, where in-depth information about existing land masses, oceans, types of winds, rivers, glaciation, mountain types, groundwater, rainfall and its global patterns and such existing natural phenomenon is presented in a well illustrated manner that makes reading a pleasure.

It also has information on Earth’s crust and the various natural forces present in our world. There is a detailed section on earthquakes and volcanoes too.

The second section details about the existing global climatic zones of Savanna, Steppe, Mediterranean, Equatorial and Tropical Monsoon Climate.

Aspects of Human Geography spread over these varied climatic zones, the types of agriculture practiced, the urban centers, mineral wealth and the developed industrial belts have also been included.

At the end of each topic, a set of relevant questions have been put for practice and making a self-analysis about having obtained clarity of the subject presented.

Also The book is considered very helpful by aspirants appearing for preliminary examination of Civil Services and other prestigious competitive examination that test general knowledge, which includes knowledge about geography.



Product Details

Item Weight0.66 g
Paperback 200 pages
Product Dimensions22 x 19.99 x 22 cm
Publisher Oxford University Press (27 October 1995)
ASIN 0195628160
Customer Ratings4.5


Physical Geography by Savindra Singh 


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Book Overview 

Nature of Physical Geography Lithosphere (Geomorphology) Origin of the Earth Age of the Earth Structure of the Earth’s Interior Continents and Ocean Basins

Best geography Books for UPSC

Theory of Isostasy Earth’s Movements Rocks Vulcanicty and Volcanoes Earthquakes Mountain Building Plateau Plains Lakes Weathering and Mass Movements Cycle of Erosion, Rejuvenation and Polycyclic Relief Drainage System and Patterns Running Water (River) and Fluvial Landforms Groundwater and Karst Topography

Sea Waves and Coastal Landforms Wind and Aeolian Landforms Glaciers and Glaciated Topography Periglaical Processes and Landforms HYDROSPHERE (OCEANOGRAPHY).

Reliefs of Ocean Basins Temperature of the Ocean Water Salinity Ocean Deposits Ocean Tides Ocean Currents Coral Reefs and Atolls Marine Resources ATMOPHERE (CLIMATOLOGY).

Composition and Structure of the Atmosphere Insolation and Heat Budget Temperature Air Pressure and Atmospheric Circulation Humidity and Precipitation Air Masses Frontogenesis, Cyclones and Anticyclones Classification of Climates and Climate Types BIOSPHERE (BIOGEOGRAPHY) Biosphere Ecosystm and Ecology Biosphere: An Ecosystem Plant Community Animal Community Biomes Index.


Product Details

Item Weight400g
Paperback300 Pages
Publisher Abd Publishers (1 January 2011)
Customer Ratings4


Oxford Student Atlas for India 


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Book Overview

The Oxford student atlas for India uses the state-of-the-art techniques to produce maps that are accurate and easy to read.

Best Geography Books For UPSC

Thoroughly researched and up-to-date, this third edition of the atlas caters to the needs of the students preparing for competitive examinations conducted by the UPSC, state Public Service Commissions and other examining bodies.

This book is among the best geography books for UPSC for physical locations on earth.

Exam-oriented features includes a revised section of practice questions based on the question pattern of competitive exams provides specific references to maps with relevant data to solve the practice questions acts as an easy-to-use practice guide for map and atlas-based questions.

General features provides the latest available socio-economic maps and data culled from authoritative sources provides special sections on the history of map-making, and concepts of contour and Landforms in the beginning of the atlas covers important topical themes such as biosphere reserves, wetlands and Wildlife, power projects, agricultural regions, levels of industrial development, human development, tourism and mass media, cultural realms, heritage, etc.

Includes an informative section on world history, a world time Zone map and world—geographic comparisons includes 24 maps focusing on the history of Indian subcontinent, and 8 maps focusing on Environmental concerns and natural disasters of the country provide symbols for each place name for India and the world according to population range contains a fully updated and revised index.


Product Details 

Item Weight 410 g
Paperback160 pages
Product Dimensions 24 x 18 x 1 cm
PublisherOxford University Press (1 December 2019)
Reading level 12 and up
Customer Ratings4.5


Human Geography by William Norton


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Book Overview

The best-selling Human Geography is back in a highly-anticipated seventh edition.

Best Geography Books for UPSC

Introducing students not only to the field’s core concepts and methodologies, but also to its history, the text shows how the discipline has evolved and continues to develop in response to new findings and perspectives.

Written and developed with passion and integrity, the text is an extension of William Norton’s ongoing commitment to education and his students.

This new edition retains the strengths of earlier editions while incorporating new research and statistical data throughout.

Current, engaging, and accessible, Human Geography is a fascinating introduction to the field.


Product Details

Item Weight  1 kg 670 g
Hardcover552 pages
ISBN 0195430344
Product Dimensions27.94 x 3.05 x 22.1 cm
Publisher OUP Canada (14 August 2008)
Language English
Customer Ratings4.5


Geography of Population- Concepts, Determinants and Patterns


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Book Overview

Best Geography Book for UPSC


– Demographic attributes

– Patterns of Settlements

– Types, sources and Problems of Population Data

– Distribution and density of population

– International Labor Movements

– Growth of Population- Birth and Death Rates etc.


Product Details

Item Weight1 kg 200 g
Product Dimensions20 x 14 x 4 cm
Language English
Customer Ratings5


If you are clear about your choice , just Order them and Enjoy your journey to UPSC. Share with your friends and let them also know Best Gebest geographyography Books For UPSC examination.

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