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Best PC Games Of All Time (Download Free)


Best PC Games

 These days children are fond of android games like PUBG , Fortnite  , Clash of Clans to name them few. But the charm of PC games is still their in deep down the hearts of children and surely will remain and no doubt these games are worthy of it. 

All children have their own preferences and choice about games but their are handful of games which are common to most of the gamer  and if you claim yourself to be gamer then you must try these once in your life otherwise you are gonna miss the real charm.


 GTA San Andreas


Best PC Games Of All Time (Download Free)


GTA San Andreas is the seventh version of Grand Theft Auto series released on October 2014 is action and adventurous game published by Rock Star games .
Game unleash the madness among youth due to it’s overwhelming action , vehicles , sky scrapper buildings and cities.


Game Play Mode  – Single , Double Player
Specification.       –  vehicles , action , Mission,
                                  Sky Scrapper Buildings 
Missions               –  Monster , House Party, 
                               Black Project , End line.
Cast.                     – Carl  Johnson, OG LOC, 
                                Kendle ,  Madd Dogg 
Input                    – Mouse , Keyboard 
  • Cheat Codes
HESOYAM  – For additional life 
AEZAKMI  – Free from Cops
FULLCLIP – Unlimited Weapons 
KANGAROO – Long Jump

 FIFA 19



 FIFA 19 is the latest game of FIFA series released by EA Sports in 2018. This is perhaps the best version of FIFA till now.

Actions and tricks amuses the player most. Children play this game with full excitement as they are playing with legends and favourites so playing FIFA 19 gives the feeling of dream came true.


Game Play Mode   – Single, Double Player
Specification          – Real Faces , Grounds ,Pixel quality , Action
Tournament          – Champions , Clash,   ultimate , Nations.
Input                      – Keyboard, Mouse 
Requirements       – Window 7/8.1/10/XP

Cricket 18


                                  Best PC Games Of All Time (Download Free)

  It will not be exaggerated if we call it best PC game in Cricket games, Hitherto. Game was released by EA Sports and became matter of great zeal amidst Cricket lovers.

As cricket is most loved sport across the globe, Cricket 18 gave the best opportunity to encounter their Favorites players and moreover play with them, witness them playing their best shots.

One of the best feature of the game is that it depicts the real faces of the players which gives a sense of reality. Game play seems to be as real as live cricket.



Game play Mode  – Single Double player

Specification        – Real Faces , Pixel quality

                                  sound effects, Updated

Total Country       – 12

Tournaments.       – Championship Trophy,

                                   World Cup 15 , Ashes
                                    Asia Cup , IPL

Input                    –  Mouse , keyboard

Requirements     – Windows 8/10/XP


Project IGI


Best PC Games Of All Time (Download Free)
Project IGI was first version of IGI series in 2000 which became popular for its sound and Graphics quality.Game starts with antagonist Jones  sneak into the toughest military installation in Easter Europe .
Jones armed with fetal weapons which helped him to counter the military .


Game Play Mode – Single Player 
Specification        – Graphics , Sound , action
                                  Designs .
Missions              – Military Airbase , GOD 
                                Border crossing 
Input                    – keyboard , Mouse 
Requirements.    – Window 9/8/XP, 64 MB


These games are meant for entertainment and not for being addicted to them Neither they should be a part of your daily routine . We can access them when we feel bore or depressed .
These kind of games increase our hand and eye coordination , improves problem solving skills , enhances decision making process , build our concentration and focusing skills . 
If you Feel any kind of depression you must try playing chess in effective way 



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