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What is BS 6(Bharat Stage 6) and why BS 4 discontinued in India?


Why Automobile industry switched on to BS( Bharat stage 6 )?

The automobile industry has set transitions to the Bharat Stage (BS) 6 from April 2020.

Thus was not the first time the the manufacturers have made changes to their sector to meet the emission control norms.

The BS(Bharat Stage) norms are based on European emission standard which was first started in 2000.

Then,BS2 and BS3 become effective in 2001 and 2005 respectively.

Why BS 5 been skipped?

After the implementation of BS 4,the emission level are so hiked as compared to global level.

In 2016,the government decided to skip BS 5 in favour of devising a more standard to check rising pollution from vehicular exhausts.

What is the difference between BS 4 and BS 6?

One of the major difference between the BS 4 and BS 6 is that the BS 4 engine contains 5 times more sulphur content than the BS 4.

Oxides of sulphur which are produced by the BS 4 engines decreased to 70% .

The BS 6 contains OBD(onboard diagnostics) and RDE ( Real Driving Emissions) on all vehicles enabling real time tracking of emissions.

For optimal results,BS 6 compliant engines will have to run on BS 6 fuel,as the new generation engine running on low quality fuel will emit a quantum of toxic gases.

The standard BS 6 suitable oil is transferred to all filling stations as using BS 4 engine oil in BS 6 will be detrimental for their engines.

Can BS4 cars run on BS 6 fuel?

Uses of petrol have reason to no worry as their us no difference between BS4 and BS 6 .

However, there is a certain amount of difference in diesel fuel.

The use of BS6 fuel in old version cars will cause the injector to wear out prematurely as low sulphur in the fuel will lead to less lubrication.

How does BS6 engine work?

The SCR system reduces the emission of nitrogen and water vapours.

SCR system uses the adBlue to reduce the NOx emissions.

When ad blue comes in contact of exhaust gases,the urea which is present in ad blue converts it into carbon dioxide and ammonia which next turns NOx into water vapours and nitrogen with the help of catalyst present in SCR core.

Using of adblue has an advantage of less pollution as well as better average of diesel engine.

Written By Deepak Kumar ( Senior Analyst )

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