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When and Where Bhuj Will Release?

Bhuj the Pride of India will Release on 13th August, 2 days before Independence day. Bhuj Movie is mega budget movie which was supposed to release in Theatres but due to Covid problem, it will now Hit the OTT screens of Disney+ Hotstar. Users with the monthly and Annual Hotstar VIP susbcription can enjoy the first day, first show of the Movie.

About the Bhuj Movie

Bhuj movie
Image Source:- India Tv
Director Abhishek Dudhaiya
Producer Bhushan Kumar

Krishan Kumar

Ginny Khanuja 

Screen Play Abhishek Dudhaiya
Raman Kumar
Ritesh Shah
Pooja Bhavoria
Release Date13th August 2021
Cast Ajay Devgan

Sonakshi Sinha

Sharad khelkar 

Amy Virk 

Sanjay Dutt

Released on Disney Hotstar 
Running Time 136 Minutes
Language Hindi 

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Bhuj Movie Review
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Bhuj Movie Storyline

Bhuj Movie is the Story of Pakistan Attack on Bhuj airways to destroy the Bhuj so that India cannot send their troops by planes.

On 8 December 1971, during the Indo-Pak War, a squadron of enemy jets dropped 14 Napalm bombs on the Indian Airforce strip. The impact damaged the runway and fighter jets could not take off.

As time was ticking, the Border Security Forces (BSF) stepped in to repair it but were short of labourers. At this time, 300 people, mainly women, from Madhapur village in Bhuj stepped up to serve their country.

The women wore pale green sarees to camouflage with their surroundings and toiled day and night fixing the airstrip. Whenever the IAF sensed an enemy attack, an alarm was raised and everyone would immediately take shelter under the bushes.

On the fourth day, the airstrip was finally functional, and an IAF combat aircraft took off.

Bhuj Movie Review

For any decent war film to work, it must deliver on two fronts: emotion and technical sophistry. Bhuj, which takes its cue from a real event in 1971, fails on both counts.

It’s emotionally vacant and limp, and technically resembles a cancelled mobile game instead of a film.

At the peak of the Bangladesh Liberation War, India intervened by rallying troops to the east. This left Bhuj, with its strategically-important airbase, open to attack. Pakistani Sabres bombed the airbase to smithereens.

With a siege imminent, squadron leader Vijay Karnik, the base’s commanding officer, mobilised 300 women from a nearby village and rebuilt its landing strip.

Their brave venture, completed in just 72 hours, proved pivotal in the war, and Karnik was promoted to Wing Commander in 1985.

That, at least, is the real-life story of Bhuj. On film, director Abhishek Dudhaiya plays fast and loose with facts, needlessly embellishing what is already a dramatic and inspiring story.

The opening hour is dizzying enough to cause motion sickness. It flits from a massive airstrike to haphazard character intros and back to more airstrikes.

Ajay Devgn, who essays Vijay Karnik, looks positively lost. Told that 40 of his men are dead, he looks momentarily pained, then simply orders the area be cleared.

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FAQ about Bhuj the Pride of India

1) Is Bhuj Movie based on true events?

Bhuj movie is based on true events about the war with Pakistan. Pakistani airways attacked Bhuj airways so that India cannot send their troops to help In Bhuj. But Bhuj People helped Officials to rebuilt Airways in just 3 days.

2) Where Bhuj Movie will Release?

Bhuj movie will be officially released on 1st th august 2021 on Disney Plus Hotstar. You can watch it from 6PM in the evening.

3) what is the real story of Bhuj Movie?

The plot which is based on a real-life incident of how locals in the remote area of Bhuj, Gujarat, built an airstrip overnight under the able guidance of Airforce officerVijay Srinivas Karnik during 1971 India-Pakistan war holds potential


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