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Does COVID become more destructive in the third phase . Here’s what top scientists says.


The third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic is inevitable, principal scientific advisor to the centre prof K Vijay Raghavan said.

He stressed on the need of strengthening surveillance as well as upgrade vaccines against new variants.

Prof K Raghavan pointed out the changes in the nature of the virus as it adopted “hit and run” tactics to breach the immunity which many people have developed during first wave and due to vaccination.

He further said that third phase is going to be inevitable due to the high circulation of the virus but not sure about the time period in which third phase will occur.

The possibility of reducing the infection is only as long as the human hosts were unavailable for infection .

Therefore ,safe practices and vaccination is the only way to coup up this situation.Mask and social distancing become crucial and most effective.

Infections and vaccination would definitely cause adaptive pressure on SARS COV2 virus, triggering new kind of changes.

The phase 1 of the virus is the general approach and in phase 2 ,viruses arising due to post immunity due to previous infection.

The scientists warned that immune evasive variants and those which lower and increase disease severity will arrive in future.

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