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Cricket in Olympics: boost to ICC as reports confirms discussion over it


Cricket in olympics isn’t a massive news for Cricket lovers and for Indian Cricket fans as well. 

Recently,The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) agreed to send both men’s and women’s team for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics.  Experts view it as a huge boost to ICC.

Along with this,BCCI also agreed to send the Indian women’s cricket team for Birmingham Commonwealth games in 2022.

BCCI’s reluctance to come under the national anti-doping agency (Nada) was one of the major hurdles ICC was facing in its bid to take cricket back to Olympics.

However, with BCCI now under Nada’s umbrella, the international body is keen on expanding the sport through the Olympics.

The ICC has already formed a committee to accelerate the process.

The committee will be dealing with the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Cricket had last featured in the Olympics in 1900.

At this moment, it’s important that BCCI plays its part in expanding the sport.

How’s the world reacting on BCCI’s approach?

The game will spread all over the world. In the US, in South America and in China.

We want to help grow the game globally and believe cricket’s inclusion within the Olympic Games would provide a wonderful opportunity to showcase our sport domestically and take it to new audiences around the world.

The ECB will enthusiastically support efforts to secure this outcome,” the ECB official elaborated.

Tony Brian, head of Scotland, considers this a huge move and says “I was always hopeful of that conclusion (the BCCI decision).

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I know it is conditional but it is a very big step forward. Without BCCI, it would have been difficult if not impossible.

The Associates will jump at it. For many of our members, an Olympic sport fetches funding from the governments. Cricket will get recognition as a national sport and it can now be coached in schools too (of Associate counties).”

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What will be the stand of BCCI on this?

Now that the BCCI is on board, the ICC will have to approach the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Olympic Organising Committee of Los Angeles, where the 2028 Games will be held.

The deadline for the 2024 Games in Paris is already over and the ICC had had to watch in helpless silence even as events such as breakdance got included.

Even for the LA Games, cricket is not one of the 28 approved disciplines .

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