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Download The Family Man season 2 All Episodes Moviesflix Sdmoviespoint Tamilrockers KatmoviesHD

The Family man Season 2: Finally after much wait Family Man Season 2 has been Released on Amazon Prime but download links of series are available on Moviesflix , Sdmoviespoint, Tamilrockers, KatmoviesHD and Filmyzilla.

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Download The Family man Season 2 All Episodes

Second installment of Family man has total 9 episodes which are partially dubbed in Hindi and partially in telgu. But for the hindi viewers English subtitles are available.

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Below are the Episodes of Family Man Season 2:-

The Family man Season 2

1) Exile

Episode start with the new life of Srikant Tiwari working in IT company but he can’t be put away from adventure when his friend JK has been sent to Chennai to get a terrorist .

2) Weapon

Suchitra wants Srikant to go for a couple counselling where Srikant get annoyed with silly question of counselled and left the session.
Meanwhile Prime Minister Basu has to meet Sri Lankan Prime Minister in Chennai and Bhaskeran Along with major sameer plans her death.

3) Angel of Death

Suchitra Birthday party triggers the Quarrel between Sri and Suchi. Frustrated Srikant left the IT job by punching down his boss.

4) Eagle

Sri Kant Starts investigating in Chennai. Sajid teams up with Raji and Selva to attack Prime Minister basu.

5) Home Coming

Local Inspector Umayal Joins the TASC Team to help Sri in getting leads on his mission as She is aware of all the situation in Chennai.

6) Martyrs

TASC Team some how manage to nab Raji but local goons attack the Station to free Raji and in this shootout , one member of TASC gets killed.

7) Collateral Damage

Sajid kidnaps Sri’s Daughter to accomplish his mission . Sri return to his home to search his daughter .

8) Vendetta

Hints for the Dhrati begins and Sri Kant gets major leads. Finally He was able to get free his daughter and kill Sajid in shootout.

9) The Final Act

News about JK forces Sri Kant to returned to Chennai. Prime minister Basu prepares for Bilateral talk with Sri Lankan PM. Sri kant gets Raji plans and attack her and blast her plane.

Family Man Season 2 Cast

Family man Season 2 Cast was nearly same with getting a new face South Actress Samantha.

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Download The Family Man Season 2 All episodes Moviesflix

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Manoj Bajpayee is a stellar actor. There’s very little that I have seen of this guy which doesn’t make me believe in the character he plays.

But every time I will see him in a role other than Srikant Tiwari, I WILL think of Srikant Tiwari. That’s how believable he is in The Family Man. As for this series, both seasons are simply phenomenal.

Download Family Man Season 2 All episodes Sdmoviespoint

Srikant Tiwari’s daughter in the series, Dhriti (played by Ashlesha Thakur), is a total revelation. After the first season many seemed to rave about Manoj Bajpayee’s on-screen son in the series but in this season, the writers carve out the purpose for Dhriti and how.

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Download The Family Man Season 2 KatmoviesHD

Sri and JK (played by Sharib Hashmi) are like two sides of the same coin. Their being is the same and they can’t change, but every now and then you meet the side of JK, as a friend, who keeps trying to drill sense into Sri when it comes to his personal life or even helping him hear what he needs to hear from a friend.

He’s Sri’s sounding board like no other. But JK, what’s with you casually talking to your friend when on a mission in an ‘otherwise’ stressful situation.

Download The Family Man Season 2 Tamilrockers

With their first ever TV Series, Raj & DK have changed storytelling and pushed the bar for an Indian series.

The two, along with the team, have managed to keep the audience interested in every character and it just helps their case that they are smart enough to know how to take it forward in following season. Cue – biowarfare? Or something else that’ll blow our minds completely?

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