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Flyout Review: Earn Money from Sponsored Blog Post on your Blog


Flyout Sponsored blog posts are one of the way of passive income .

As a Blogger you know that there are several ways to earn money from blogger.

It can be from Google AdSense , affiliate marketing, guest posting or showing up any pop ads.

But today we will discuss unique way of getting handsome money from you blog.

Today we will brief you how to earn money from sponsored blog post.

We will inform you how to get Flyout Sponsored blog posts.

First we will know about what is Flyout?

What is Flyout?

Flyout is Platform which provides its users sponsored post and in return Flyout provides money. 

First you need to approved your site from Flyout to get sponsored blog post.

There are some selection criteria for site approval in Flyout.

Site Approval Criteria of Flyout

1) Your blog should be at least 6 months old must have at least 100 unique and high quality articles.

2) Your Organic Traffic for the last 30 days should be at least 10000. Flyout verify this traffic using Google Analytics.

3) Your blog should have good design and all basic pages such as: About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy etc.

4)You blog should not have more than 20% sponsored content/links.

Following types of Niches are strictly Prohibited by Flyout 

Any type of micro niche blogs.

Any type of downloadable content like Apk, Games, Movies, Music, etc.


Deals & Coupons

Exam Results/Jobs


Any type of Event Blogs.


Facebook/Whatsapp Status

Celeb Wiki

Any type of Tools


Automated content blogs


Note:- If your website is Amazon affiliate then you only need 2000 Monthly traffic.

Above are some criteria which your blog needs to follow to get Flyout Sponsored blog posts.

How to get Flyout site Approval?

Following are some instructions to get Fylout sponsored blog posts.

1) Visit official website of Flyout. You can directly visit by clicking here Flyout.

2) Now you need to sign up for Flyout with your Email. 

3) Login to your Flyout Account.

4) Now click on Add Blog Button on Flyout dashboard.

5) Enter your site URL with Https and click on check Eligibility button.

6) Now you need to connect your site with Flyout. You will get Code which you need to paste in head section of your theme.

7) Click on verify ownership button.

8) Now you have listed your blog into Flyout.

9) You are required to Verify Google analytics data. Click on GA verification.

10) Yiu have to paste the Generated code in Google Analytics in User management section and click on Verify button.

Once you have done this much, wait for 5 to 6 hours.

Flyout team will review your site and they will approve if your site qualify the above mentioned selection criteria.

How to get New Offers In Flyout ?

Once you are a verified user you will start getting sponsored blog post.

Check news offers  section. If you found any offer then copy and paste full article on your blog.

Once you have done this , Flyout team will verify it and you will be paid accordingly .

How do Flyout Pay for Sponsored Blog posts?

They send Flyout payments to all eligible publishers from 14th to 20th of every month.

For example, let’s say you have earned 100$ from 1st of May to 30th of May, then your payment will release from 14th to 20th of June.

For Publishers from India:

They process payments via Direct Bank Transfers for our Indian publishers.

Flyout Sponsored blog posts

If you haven’t updated your bank details yet, then head over to your Payouts >> Transfer Preferences page and update your bank details immediately. 

For Publishers from Country Other than India:

Moreover they process payments via PayPal for our Non-Indian publishers.

You can update your payment profile by clicking on Payouts >> Transfer Preferences [Shown Below].

Moreover this was all about Flyout Sponsored blog posts. Criteria for site approval, how to you get paid , how can you approve your site in Flyout.

Also if you want to know how to get Sponsored blog posts other than Flyout then Also Read-:

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