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Top 5 simple Ways to Gain weight Naturally without any Booster


How to gain weight naturally ?

Almost all people in the modern world are concious about their personality.

Somefinds themselves skinny or some look themselves overweight.

So,in this article we will discuss how to gain weight naturally.

The best way to increase body weight is to increase the amount of calories in your diet naturally.

Lets discuss top 5 simple ways of gaining weight Naturally .

Here are some preferred food items to increase calorie intake.

Eat protein to gain muscle.

It is specially suggested to eat protein rich food such as chicken ,lean pork, fish, eggs, beans etc.

Eating small items such as a chocolate can also adds to your protein intake.
Eating yogurt with milk is also an good alternative.

Eat calorie dense items to your food.
Increasing intake of dry fruits such as apricots,almonds and items rich in cheese are also helpful for weight gain.

Complex carbohydrates such as brown rice,whole grains,barley also gives you a lot of calories.

Eat healthy oil and fats.

If you are too skinny ,then you should also go for food items rich in oil which provides you a lot of fat .

Eat regularly.

For weight gain,try to eat at least in 4 hours.

Ifyou are comfortable,you can divide your meals in 5-6 times a day rather than to add snacks between larger meals.

Sometimes,you should drink your calories if you tried up of eating.

Forthis,smoothies and shake can be a beeter option for you.

Do exercise regularly.

Lifting and weight training helps your body to gain muscle mass as well as it also increases your appetite.

Structure your plan according to your goals and be regular for the best results.

Written By Deepak Kumar (Senior Analyst) 

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