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History of Reservation of India, Mandal Commission,1992 Case


The history of reservation in india.

The supreme court on monday,March 8,2021. issued a notice to all the states asking them to respond on whether reservation could be allowed beyond 50%.

The court is hearing a plea on validity of maratha reservation and said that this decisions has a wider consequences.

So,other states need to be heard.

Reservation is the process which is continuing in india from ages.

The age old caste system is responsible for origination of the reservation system in india.

Reservation is all about accessing seats in the government jobs, educational institutions and even legislature to certain sections of population.

Historical background of reservation.

William Hunter and jyotirao phule in 1882 originally conceived the idea of caste based reservation system.

The reservation system that exist today was introduced in 1933 when British PM MacDonald presented communal awards which made seperate electorates for muslims,Sikhs,indian christians,Anglo indians,Europeans and the dalits.

After negotiations made between Gandhi and Ambedkar ,Poona pact was signed which gives seperate electorates for Hindu with certain reservation.

After independence, reservation is only provided for the SC and ST ,but in 1991 after mandal commission report ,it was also provided for OBC.

Mandal Commission.

The president appointed a backward class commission in 1978 under the chairmanship of BP Mandal.

Itwas formed to determine the criteria for defining India’s sociallly and educationally backward classes.

Hence The commission concluded that OBCs population in india consists of 52% .

so,27% government jobs should be reserved for them.

Indra Sawhney case of 1992.

In this case,the supreme court upheld the decision of giving 27% of reservation to the OBCs,strucking the government order to give 10% reservation to economically backward classes.

Supreme court also state that the combined reservation beneficeries should not exceed 50% of India’s population.

Recently in amendment (103rd amended )Act ,2019.I gives 10% reservation to the economically backward classes.

Written By Deepak Kumar ( Senior Analyst )

So here was much vital topic history of Reservation of India is discussed , hope you liked it.

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