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Hi, and welcome to the  usu  Library .  As a regional campus, or distance education student, you have access to all the same library resources that students have in Logan.  USU students, you will likely be assigned research assignments where you must find articles. As you might have found by searching for articles on Google, … Read more

How to play Chess to Train your Mind

Introduction to Chess     Chess was introduced to the Arab world. Transcending its role as a tactical simulation, it eventually became a rich source of poetic imagery. Diplomats and courtiers used chess terms to describe political power. Ruling caliphs became avid players themselves. And historian al-Mas’udi considered the game a testament to human free … Read more

Top Ten Tallest Buildings in The World 2020

Burj Khalifa

Lets us start our journey to the top ten tallest buildings in the world .Many of you have probably seen recent news coverage of the u-shaped, curved skyscraper currently being proposed by a New York City architectural firm. Although it seems to defy the laws of gravity and science, it may soon become a permanent … Read more