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How to Use Market Pulse Android App for Stock Market update


Market Pulse android app is one of the best available user-friendly app for Stock market updates. You get live updates of MCX , NSE, BSE and Future Options along with expert guidelines . It gives almost every trading products live price .

Market Pulse android app not only shows price but also brief report , research and suggestions regarding tradings .

So here we will let you know about every of Market Pulse Android app features which are enough to claim this a best stock market app.

How to get Market Pulse  Android App

If you are android user you can get Market Pulse app from your Play Store and that for free. App which you download will be updated and if any further updation comes , you can update it.

Moreover you can also use this in Your PC but let me tell you it’s suitable more for Phones .

It is designed in such a way that App is functionally and technically more efficient in mobile phones . Interface is mobile friendly and very much easy for a beginner to understand .

Market Pulse Android App Setup 

After downloading and installation, first thing you will be asked to do your registration ( if you are using it for first time). You can sign up with your contact number . Verification of contact will be done using One Time Password (OTP) which you can do easily .

Once you complete two quick process of registration and verification in market Pulse App you are registered user.

Further registration will not required in future if you login again. It’s setup is two way process which is quick and certainly not time consuming .


When you are logged in, you will be guided briefly about its working . If you are interested in watching tutorial then go through it otherwise you can skip it.

Watchlist Setup of Market Pulse

When you will see market pulse interface then you will automatically landed on the watch list window.Now here comes the most vital part eg. setup watch list , by default there will be some products share price will be shown.

How to Use Market Pulse Android App for Stock Market update

You can just remove those by editing and add new MCX , NSE or BSE product , Metal in which you are interested to trade.

We will understand the editing part with example .

Here i will show you how to add Natural Gas in watch list . So you have to click on Pencil button at the top of Window. In Search bar, we will type Natural Gas.

You will see there will be more than one result will appear . All are Natural Gas but of different time range .You can pick them according to your trade tactics . if you are doing Intraday trading then you can select nearby prices. Whereas in case of Delivery Trading , you have to select long span of time.

Once you finalize this thing you can click on add button and Natural Gas Commodity will be a part of your watchlist .

Watchlist Features

One of the prominent feature of the market pulse Android App Watch list is that there is separate section for NSE Cash & Futures , NSE Options, MCX Futures.
Moreover watchlist interface is crisps and clear with no disturbances .

How to read Watchlist

You should keep less number of product in your watchlist list so that it is easy to observe the trend and the live updates of that particular stock market product .

For observing past trends of Product , click on that particular . New window will open where you can see the past few hours even days trends with the help of candlesticks pattern . Candlestick pattern gives more convince way of observing stock market trends then single monotonous line with no proper ups and downs .

Chart strategy

In New interface you will get all details about your targeted stock market product . Like Lowest price of the day, highest price of the day , opening price , previous day closing price . As per these data you can implement your strategy and gives clear idea about your Planning .

At the top of it you will notice some more options . One of them is Technical News.

Technical News

Another helpful factor from Trading point of view is research and news. Market Pulse Android app provide brief report about product trend throughout the day.

You must read these reports as these gives a blur idea of analyzing the product trends. This technical report of commodities and shares helps customers to buy or sell .

These are prepared by Market Pulse stock market experts which according to researchers is accurate most of times.

Here I would like to share one report published on 11th Of August 2020, about Natural Gas trend of the day.

market pulse android app

As you can see , Technical report suggest that if price of Natural Gas declined to below 160 , then it can reach  up to 156-153. You might be wondering that how this will help us .

it gives 75% surety that price will go till 156, so we can sell Natural Gas(MCX) at 160 and will buy at 156.

So we can easily get 4 to 5 points and that are enough for beginner.

Talking about its authenticity , i myself experienced and concluded that , given report is correct up to 75 to 80%. This much surety is enough for trading in stock market.

So here you have seen that Market Pulse android app gives valuable reports and suggestions and that for free. Now we will discuss about another important feature of this app

Alerts for Stock Prices

when you are busy in another works along with stock market trading , Alerts are best and most useful. Suppose that if you missed the suitable price for buying and selling the stocks , it may cost you much . Then comes the solution for this problem , Alerts.

You will automatically be alerted with beep signal , when your targeted prices reaches. And after that you can act accordingly.

How to place Alerts

Now you are clear with alerts importance . Now comes the need of placing alerts in proper way.           At the bottom , you will find Alerts icon depicted with ‘Clock’ symbol.  Click on it .

You will we asked to add alerts. just search your product in search bar for which you want to place alerts. Lets Set alerts for Natural Gas MCX

If present price is 160.70 and you want alert at 163 , then just mention the price 163 and click add alert button and relax. Once the Natural Gas  price touches 163 you will automatically be alerted. Just grab the opportunity and act wisely.

Market Vidhya : An Education Initiative by Market Pulse

Research , news updates , economical budgets , policies , technological updates in stock market directly affect price of MCX and other stock shares.

Moreover , you need to study and analyse these updates, to get clear idea of stock price and get benefit out of it.

Market Vidhya is a free of cost education initiative of market pulse app. Here you need not to search for current economical updates in newspaper and magazines.

Market Vidhya gives you all information you want. Of course  this saves much of your time by providing necessary details accurately and precisely.

Free vs Paid version Of Market Pulse Android App

This app is present in free as well as paid versions. Paid version provide more features than free version of market pulse .

But here i would like to suggest you personally , that if you are a beginner then you must start with free and once you gain some experience , you must shift to Paid Version of Market Pulse .

Here just have a glance at some key differences in paid and free version.

Features  Free  Pro   Pro +


Indicators        2       5      30
Candle Patterns       ×       5       20
Line Break       ×      ×     Yes
Drawing Tools     Yes     Yes      Present 


Scan Runs      3     10     Unlimited
Combine scans      ×    Yes     Present 
Alerts on Scan      ×     ×    Present 


Alerts   20   100   Unlimited

Option tools

Real time  ×  × Present

So here are some tips and process how Market Pulse app Works. You can also Rad about on page SEO techniques for higher rankings.

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