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Great Mobile Features Which will keep you Fit and Healthy


As we are living in World of Full of technology and to be fit and healthy is our prime concern.

Most of the people are android users and they can use some of mobile features to keep themselves fit and healthy.

All users are aware of most features of the phone.

 But many such fitness features are also available, about which very few users are aware.

Healthy Diets 

 Today we will tell you about the selected fitness features of smartphones here, through which you will be able to keep yourself fit.

Here we will discuss great mobile features Which will keep you fit and healthy .

Digital wellbeing

Smartphone is a device that we use the most. 

We don’t even realize how much time we have spent on our phones. 

Using more mobile means no physical activity. This increases the chances of getting serious diseases like heart disease.

 So now most smartphones have digital wellbeing feature, which gives information about how much mobile app you have used. 

Apart from this, you can set a time limit for mobile apps through this feature. 

Also, you will get a focus mode in it, which upon activating it will turn off all notifications, so that your attention will not go anywhere.   

Guided breathing feature

If you use an Oppo device, you can keep yourself healthy by using the guided breathing feature.

 Breathing correctly has a positive effect on health. This reduces blood pressure with stress. 

Bedtime mode

In today’s time, most of us use smartphones before bedtime.

 Doing so affects our eyes. You can take care of your eyes using Bedtime mode. 

When this feature is activated, it changes the phone’s screen to grayscale color, so that the eyes are not stressed. 

Also turn off the phone’s notifications so that you can get full sleep.

So these were some really best mobile features Which will keep you fit and healthy .

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