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NCT Amendment bill passed in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha 2021


The Lok Sabha on March 22 passed the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Bill, 2021 which seeks to give primacy to Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor (L-G) over the elected government.

What is NCT amendment bill? 

The development has set up the stage for yet another confrontation between the Centre and the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government in Delhi.

The Delhi Amendment Bill was passed in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday. 

With the introduction of the Bill in the House, there was a lot of uproar in the Rajya Sabha, due to which the House had to be adjourned several times.

 This bill has already been passed by the Lok Sabha. During the long debate on the Bill, there was an atmosphere of thunder. 

However, the whole House was submerged in noise and uproar over the introduction of the Bill.

 Members of opposition parties shouted slogans against the government before the bench.

The NCT bill  passed by 83 votes against 45 in the division of votes.

There was a demand for division of votes to get the bill passed. The bill was passed by 83 votes against 45. After this, the opposition parties took a walkout from the House. 

After this, various sections of the Bill were passed by voice vote.

 The Congress and other opposition parties, including AAP, came near the Chairman’s seat and shouted slogans against the government. 

Leader of Opposition Mallikarjun Kharge, calling this amendment bill as anti-government and anti-democracy, demanded that it be immediately handed over to the Select Committee.

Uproar during the discussion on the Bill in Rajya Sabha, the House adjourned several times

He said that with the passage of the amendment bill, the authority of the elected Delhi government and the legislators will be taken away. 

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) member Sanjay Singh gave notice in the House on the appropriateness of the amendment bill. 

He demanded that the bill be stopped, terming it as non-constitutional and undemocratic.

 With this speech, members of opposition parties started slogans and ruckus in the House. 

Deputy Chairman Harivansh Narayan Singh allowed Union Minister of State for Home Affairs G. Kishan Reddy to introduce the bill. Amidst the heavy noise, Reddy introduced the bill and spoke on its rationale.

Flaws fixed

He said that the amendments made during the tenure of the Congress government in Delhi, the flaws which were left in them, are being rectified. 

The government is not doing any unconstitutional or undemocratic work. 

Only the dilemma or confusion in the law is being corrected. Due to the noise in the house, nothing was heard. 

Expressing displeasure over this, Deputy Speaker Singh told the House that this discussion is being held on the basis of consensus made on Tuesday. There should be no noise on it.

Meanwhile, BJP’s Bhupendra Yadav stood up in support of the bill and said that the Congress is behind this uproar. 

What was it then? Leader of Opposition Kharge stood up. He said make it a Bihar Legislative Assembly vote. 

But Yadav kept speaking. He said that this bill has been brought in accordance with the decision of the Supreme Court. The constitution is a bill.

Lashing out at the Congress, she said she was fighting against the Left parties in Kerala and fighting the TMC in Bengal along with the Left parties. 

Not only this, the house is not being allowed to run in the Rajya Sabha along with TMC. 

This is the manner and policy of the Congress. Everyone will know. Yadav’s entire speech was amidst the noise.

 The uproar continued till Congress’s Abhishek Manu Singhvi spoke. The House continued to adjourn for a while.

After the bill was passed, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal wrote that the Rajya Sabha passed the GNCTD Amendment Bill.

It is a sad day for Indian democracy. We will continue our struggle to bring back power to the people. 

Whatever the obstacles, we will keep doing good work. Work will neither stop nor slow down.

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia tweeted that today is a black day for democracy as nct bill passed.

The rights of the government elected by the people of Delhi were stripped and handed over to LG. Look at the irony that Parliament was elected to assassinate democracy, which is the temple of our democracy. 

The people of Delhi will fight against this dictatorship as nct bill passed on Wednesday by Rajyasabha as well.

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