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What is network marketing? Top 5 network marketing companies in India?


India is emerging as the global business tycoon in the modern times.One of the best reasons for that is the consumption level of services in India.India is a home of more than 135 crores people,so you can imagine the service level required to fulfill the needs of people there.

India has become both technically and commercially sufficient in the last 5 years.A big reason for this is the belief of the people towards business ideas.

A lot of young entrepreneurs leave their orthodox business ideas and accepted new ones in the changing period.

One of these ideas is the network marketing.

What is network marketing?

Network marketing is basically a direct selling business in which people promote some goods or services and earning commission money from the particular company who provides the goods.

The network marketing works on chain principle.Ones a person has entered in this business will recruit and train more persons like him and the process goes on.

We also called it multi level marketing (MLM), refferal or cellular marketing.

How significant is network marketing?

In the modern times,all the market activities whether it’s purchasing or selling done online.

Network marketing business is a huge business worth billions of dollars. A lot of e commercial sites promote these kind of businesses because they promote their products in a large group of people and ultimately increases their sales.

Network marketing appeals to the people with high energy and skills,which creates a huge business in almost no time and investment.

There a significant amount of increase in the sales due to network marketing. Promotion of the products is the main reason behind that. A lot people prefer to buy those things that they don’t know whether they exist or not.

How network marketing works?

Network marketing has various names like multi level marketing, affiliate marketing or home based business franchising.

Companies that allow network marketing will create different levels of salesperson.

The salesperson will earn commission through a sale made by him or the sale made by the salesperson who was created by him .If the new level increased,then the parent salesperson’s earnings will ultimately increases.

The earnings are depend on the sales they made and how many recruitment they able to create.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of network marketing?

There us one concern that is related to the network marketing.People who are at the top level make more money as compared to the salesperson who are at the lower levels .

Also the company sales expensive starer kits to enter in the network marketing which also shows discontentment among the new joiners.

A single tier network marketing is considered better than multi level schemes.In single level,people will make money by each product they sell or by each recruitment they have done .

What is the estimated amounnt that one can earn through network marketing?

In the network marketing business ,agents earn commission on their own sales and also all sales of the agents under them. The agents under them are those they recruited and trained, plus all the agents under the ones those people recruited, and so on.

Let’s suppose a person x has recruited 10 sellers who then created 10 more sellers .So ,his sellings were the combined of 10×10=100 plus his own sellings. He earns commission from all of them.

Earning through network marketing can be very huge .Many people gave become multimillionaire by this business .The more people you will setup under you ,the more you earn.

Why are network marketing is often considered a pyramid scheme?

Pyramid schemes are created by fraudsters who does not sell anything. They only set traps and tried to get your money.

Network marketing is a legal business scheme which can earn you money.
Pyramid schemes aim at only new recruitments while no services is sold under pyramid schemes.

Which are the best multi level marketing companies?


Amway is one of the largest multilevel marketing companies in India.This American company is present in India since 1995.The company only sells quality products and established it’s business in India.

Mi Lifestyle marketing.

Mi Life marketing has authorised partnership with the various brand companies in India for retailing of the products directly to the customers.

This company also sells good quality and authorised products which flourished it’s presence in India.


The company was set up in 2004. The company has shown some good progress in the recent years. The company sells multiple products and beneficial for both sellers and buyers.


The heavyweight which deals in plastic ware is a big brand in tems of network marketing on India. The company has presence in India for more than 20 years.


Modicare founded by Sameer Modi is one of the fastest developing Indian network marketing companies in the nation.It offers wide range of items from categories like Wellness, Skin Care, Personal care, Home care and so forth.

It can easily provides you a commmission of 20-25% as a seller making them one of the trustworthy brands in India .

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