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On Page SEO Techniques For Higher Ranking

On page SEO is a critical tool which is must for beginners and without On page SEO nobody can achieve anything , no matter you use blogger , Wix or word press. Let me tell you my story , I started blogging in blogger one month ago.
I was stranger and unknown about many factors which helps in building a well designed website on Page SEO .
Gradually I researched from many sources and gone through tutorials and collected information from many different sources . It took around 10 days to known every thing in details . But I have summarized all valuable things here which will save your efforts we well as time .
You have to follow all the details which I will brief you here and I assured for great on page SEO .

What is On page SEO ? 


On Page SEO Techniques



First of all we must know what is On page SEO all about and it’s importance . In laymen’s language all methods and techniques you follow to make your website search as well as mobile friendly .
Here I will apprise you some basic methods that everyone can afford to do to build strong on page SEO .

How to make on page SEO ?

Getting your site ready for search engine optimization is decidedly a big deal but not for you if you pursue all this steps.

1. Domain 

If you are using a hosted account in blogger or anywhere then you must buy a top level domain e.g .com , .in Because with hosted domain getting adsense approval is really a big deal. After buying domain , connect it with your blogger or your website .
This is most and vital step towards on Page SEO .

2. Meta Description 

it is summary of your website which provides idea for users that what your website is all about .It attracts users and drive traffic to your post .

3. Theme 

Theme should be user friendly friendly , ads friendly as well as responsive . You can purchase theme but there are free themes available , you can use them . SEO boost is free and best theme.

4. Sitemap  

Sitemap help search engine to reach your website . If you have well designed sitemap , users will find it easy to reach your site and moreover search engine will send you more users. Sitemap will also help in crawling and indexing .
On Page SEO Techniques


5. Category  

If your website has multiple niche or subjects then you should divide them into different category like entertainment , current news , study tips etc. This will help users in navigation from one post to another .

6. Pages 

Site must have some pages along with post like disclaimer , privacy policy , contact us and about us. This gives Google information about your site and you . Further tells that your site is secure and official.

7. Image 

Images along with content in post makes reader more interested . But images should be copyright free and within a limit of size otherwise it will decrease page speed. Images size should be less than 20 KB , format should be WebP and 640×360 dimension are appropriate .

8. Google Analytics 

Google analytics is a tool provided by Google itself to manager your site users and traffic . Everyone has to submit their site in Google Analytics so that it will tell Google basics things about your site.

9. Google Search Console 

Search Console is another tool provided by Google to manage your site se well as fixing the error. Google Search Console is a web service by Google which allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites.
Until May 20, 2015 the service was called Google Webmaster Tools. In January 2018, Google introduced a new version of the search console, with changes to the user interface. Submit your site in Search Console to get your all errors solve.


10. Page Speed 

 Page speed is determined by time taken by your site to get fully loaded . It should be 1 or 1.5 second for Desktop and less than 2 for mobile. If your site speed is not up to the mark , users will exit immediately after click . This will increase your bounce rate which is not at all good for site.
So these are enough factors which can build your fabulous On Page SEO . These factors , I personally followed and end up with excellent On Page SEO. You can also use SEMrush to analyse SEO.  You can rank your website without backlinks.

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