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Everything that everyone should know about OTT platforms


The government has brought video streaming Over The Top platforms under the ambit of the ministry of Information and broadcasting

These platforms were so far under the preview of Ministry of Electronics and information technology.

 What are Over the top(OTT) platforms?

Over the top are audio and video hosting abf streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon prime video,voot etc. whivh initially started out as a content hosting but soon started production of short movies ,feature films, documentaries themselves.

These platforms offers a range of contents and use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to suggest users the content based in their past viewership.

Accordingly Most OTT platforms offer content for free abd a charge a monthly subscription free for premiere content.

How many OTT platforms in india?

India is currently the largest growing OTT market.

Although At present ,the OTT platforms valuation stands for 35 billion INR with nearly 50 million internet users.

What are the issues with OTT platforms?

Content regulation.

There is no law or autonomous body to monitor and manage the digital contents provided by these platforms.

Televisions,radios and print media follow the guidelines released by the government but there is no specific body to certify them.

What are the controversial issues on OTT platforms?

Content that deliberately disrespect the national emblem or national flag.

in addition to that Any visual or story line that promotes child pornography.

Any content that outrage religious sentiments.

Contents which promotes terrorism.

What is the impact of regulation on OTT ?

Under the ministry of information and broadcasting ,these Platforms have to apply for certification and approval of content they wish to stream.

However ,there is not any information about how government is going to regulate them but it is learnt that the programme code that governs
the content on TV under the Cable Television Network Regulation Act ,1995 may set a templete to set rules for online content.

Viewer responsibility.

The prevention of watching some content for underaged .Ensuring on our part that kids in our home do not access these contents.

Digital Awareness.

Also Consumers should be made aware of impacts of their streaming .

 Hence Some can have a negative impact of watching.It may leads to some violent incidence.

Written By Deepak Kumar (Senior Analyst )

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