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What Precautions we should take before Selling out Old Phone


Here we will discuss about precautions we should take before selling our old phone.

Often, people sell only SIM and memory cards while selling the old smartphone, but forget to log out the required ID, which threatens their personal data.

 If you too are thinking of selling your old phone, then this news belongs to you. 

Here today we will tell you what we should do before selling the smartphone, so that our personal data will be protected. 

Reset Mobile Factory 

Do the factory reset before saving the mobile. By doing this, all your data will be deleted. 

Also, IDs from Google to Instagram will also be deleted. To reset the factory, go to phone settings.

 Here you will see the option of backup and reset, tap on it. 

After this your phone will be factory reset.

Make sure to backup personal data before selling the phone

Before selling mobile, you must make a backup of the required data. 

This will never delete or leak your data. To create a backup, first go to Settings and click the backup option here. 

After this, your data will be saved automatically in Google Drive. 

Can get good price of phone

While selling the smartphone, you must provide your phone bill, accessory and box.

 This creates a good image on the prospective customer about the old mobile, which increases the expectation of an increase in the price of the phone.

So these were some precautions before selling old phone.

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