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Prince Kumar Yadav Biography | Who is Prince Kumar? | Age, Hight

Prince Kumar Yadav Biography : Born in the small village of District Sambhal in western Uttar Pradesh, Prince Kumar is Student of Delhi University and a enthusiastic blogger. Here is the brief summary of Prince Kumar 21 Years life history. You will surely be motivated with the life story of Prince Kumar, so read it till end.

Prince Kumar Yadav

Full NamePrince Kumar Yadav
Hight168 cm
Born On31st March 2001
Birth PlaceSambhal, Uttar Pradesh
Alma MatterVidyaGyan School, University of Delhi
Blogging Stats10 Million Views

Prince Kumar Yadav Early Life

Prince Kumar Yadav was born on 31st March 2001 in Middle Class Family. In his Childhood, his Father was a farmer and this circumstances did not let him to get good opportunity of Higher Education and better life. When he was 9 year old, his father became teacher. It was 2012, when Prince’s life was completely changed as he got opportunity to study in India’s best School, VidyaGyan Leadership Academy.

Here Prince Studied till his intermediate and passed the 12th Class in 2019 with flying colors. Later for his Graduation Prince moved to Delhi for pursuing B.Sc Physics Honours from University Of Delhi and completed his graduation in Year 2022.

Prince Kumar Yadav Blogging Career 

He was an average child in his School Days but always ready to learn new things. From childhood he was interested in Technology. In 2020, he decided to work on his interest and passion. In Mid 2022, He launched his First Blog. Initially the results were annoying and disappointing. Perhaps it was the test of his patience and hard work. He continue to work on his sites without caring for the good result. Gradually hard work started paying him.

Prince Kumar got his first payment through AdSense in Year 2021, almost one year later. This was not only a Amount of money instead a box of motivation which didn’t let him to leave blogging in future. After that he started many blogs and learnt many good things about the field of Blogging. This way, a simple middle class student entered the Field of Blogging.

Prince Kumar Yadav: Family 

As we mentioned, he belongs to middle class family. If we talk about the Family Members then at Present there are 4 Members in his family. Mother, Father and One Elder Brother. His father is School Teacher, Mother is Home Maker and his brother is student.

Being a Joint Family, Initially there were 6 Members Including Grand Mother and Grand Father. His Grand Mother passed in 2006 when he was 5 year old and Grand Father left the world in 2020.


If we try to summarize his life then you can consider him a Enthusiastic, empathetic and hard working person. One quotation which describes his life is ” If time is bad, Work Harder and if Time is Good, Help others”.

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  1. I personally know prince kumar yadav, really he is very nice person. He is very talented man . He was that kind of person in hostel who use to make the planning for all the kaand that happened in hostel but never got caught as everyone use to think he is very innocent. It is only us who know somewhere deep inside he is vey bakchod just like kartikey pand . Nice bro. Keep following your passion.


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