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PUBG New State: iOS pre-registration,launch update and much more.


Just after opening Battlegrounds Mobile India pre-registrations, PUBG Mobile New State closed alpha testing details have been announced. PUBG New State is the PUBG Mobile Sequel that was announced earlier in February. 

Krafton, the developers, released a new video revealing the PUBG New State closed alpha testing details. The company also confirmed that the testing will first commence in the US and will expand to other regions based on user feedback from users. The alpha testing is currently only available for Android smartphone users. More details on the iOS app support are expected in the coming days. 

PUBG New State pre-registrations have been live since February 2021 and have crossed over 10 million pre-registrations on the Google Play Store. 

How the PUBG 2.O different from PUBG?

PUBG New State, aka PUBG 2.0, is set in the year 2051. Like PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile New State will come with new weapons and ammunition. It will also include drones, combat rolls, etc. The PUBG New State map will be 8×8 large. Players can walk/ run or use vehicles to explore the map.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is already open for pre-registration. It is the Indian version of PUBG Mobile that got banned by the government last year. Krafton, the company behind the PUBG IP, however, has another game that may soon be available. It is called PUBG New State and it probably begins where all the adventure inside PUBG Mobile ends. Think of it as a sequel that will coexist with the prequel. So, Krafton made pre-registration for PUBG New State live earlier this year. It even amassed over 10 million pre-registrations, but that is on Google Play Store. There is now good news for iPhone users.

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Krafton has released a new alpha testing trailer of PUBG New State that confirms the iOS pre-registration for the next battle royale game is beginning soon. The company has asked iPhone users who are interested in the game to keep watching out for new information on the game’s website. That is because a date for that is not available at the moment. There is speculation that pre-registration for iOS may begin next month. In that case, it will be around six months since pre-registration opened on Android after the January announcement of the PUBG New State game.

The closed alpha testing of PUBG New State will begin soon, starting with Android users in the US. The alpha testing would involve a small group of people, mostly internal employees, chosen to test the game. Now, it is not clear if the version these people will test will be an early build or a finished product. Based on the feedback the company will receive after the alpha testing, the next stages of testing will begin. These stages may include beta trials before a wide release of the game takes place.

PUBG New State: iOS pre-registration

The iOS users’ wait for PUBG New State will soon be over as developers of the game have also noted that the pre-registration process will soon commence on the platform.

Gamers and fans can stay tuned and wait for the official announcement. They can check the social media handles of PUBG New State to keep track of all the official news about the game. Meanwhile, pre-registration for the game is currently in process on the Google Play Store and will remain active until its official release.

Players can register by following the below-mentioned process.

1. Visit the Google Play Store from your mobile device.

2. Type in PUBG New State Mobile in the search bar.

3. Click on the pre-register option on the PUBG New State page.

4. You can claim your in-game rewards once the game releases.

PUBG New State India launch

Krafton, at an event held previously, said that the priority of the company is to bring PUBG Mobile back. It also did not rebuff the arrival of the game in India. And now, if you look at the video trailer, India is a part of the green map, which may hint at an imminent launch of PUBG New State in India. Krafton is already bringing PUBG Mobile back as Battlegrounds Mobile India in the coming weeks.The pre registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India is already open for Android users, while the company has confirmed it is working on the iOS pre-registration process, which will begin soon for iPhone users.

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