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How to record what’s app calls? Simple process inside.


Today’s world is a world of technology and social media.People can’t keep away themselves from these modern requirements.

In this article ,we discuss how to record what’s app calls?

If you want to record what’s app calls ,then you have to use a third part app. Then,with a simple process,you can easily record calls on what’s app.

Simply ,those people who faces frequent network issues in their locality uses what’s app calls to connect with their people.

What’s app particularly does not provide feature to record what’s app calls.

Here is the simple procedure by which you can easily record what’s app calls.

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For i phone users-

If you are an iphone user ,then you can record calls on what’s app using Mac .

Connect iphone with  Mac using lightening cable.

Now an option to your phone ,trust this computer ,click on the option .

Now go to the quick time option.

Now press the record button on the new audio recording in the file section.

Now press the quick time record button and do what’s app call.

After connecting the call,add the user icon .

Now when you receive or call your phone ,recording will automatically start.

For Android users-

For Android users, you also have to take help from third party app.

Download the cube call recorder or any other call recorder app in your phone.

Now open the app and call from your what’s app.

If you see cube call visit in app,then your call has started recording.

If an error occurs in your phone,then open the app again.

Now,open settings of the app and click on force voice.

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