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All TATA Safari features, pricing and specifications all you want to know


Here are all new Tata Safari Features, specifications, pricing all you wants to know.

Tata is considered as one of the most reliable automobile brand of India.

It never disappoint it’s customers in providing best automobiles which makes it the most trusted brand.

In this series,here is all the features and specifications of most awaited and powerful SUV of Tata ,SAFARI.

Tata has launched its popular SUV recently and people are showing a lot of interest in the car.

Here,is some of TATA Safari features.

Majestic Design

The safari’s unique and dominating design attracts people and gave it a great road presence.

The both exterior and interior surface features of the SUV gives it a classy,ease and luxury appearance.

Extraordinary lifestyle

The new safari is crafted with some of the finest workmanship on display,made of high quality materials.

Attention is given to every small things while making this power vehicle.

It comes with a lot of features to carry your lifestyle.

Powerful engine and performance

The new has a 170PS kryotec engine 6 speed at ESP terrain response modes and multi drive modes.

It provides a comfortable drive quality at any terrain.

In-vogue infotainment and connectivity.
The new safari has emerged as one of the most technical SUV with better connectivity and better infotainment system.

It comes loaded with iRA and provides better audio quality.

Safety features

The new safari ensures that all the occupants are cocooned in penetrable bubble of safety.

It has top safety features with active and passive control.

What are the pricing of different variants of the new safari?

The base model of the SUV starts from 14.69 lakhs that is safari XE which comes in manual ,diesel mode.

Safari XM-16 lakhs(ex showroom price)

Safari XT-17.75 lakhs

Safari XZ+-19.99 lakhs

Safari XZ+adventure-20.20 lakhs

Alos It is the top end model of the SUV which comes in manual ,diesel mode.

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