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Top 5 Richest Countries of the World and Their Wealth


Here are some key facts about top 5 Richest Countries of the world and their resources of wealth.

It is merely a fact that most of the richest countries in the world are the world’s smallest.

Some are very small and very rich countries like luxemberg,Singapore, Switzerland and Ireland -benefitted from having a sophisticated financial sectors and tax regimes that helps in attracting foreign investments.Others like Qatar and Kuwait have large reserves of hydrocarbons and other natural resources.

Here is the list of top 5 richest countries of the world.


The country’s oil ,gas , petrochemical reserves are so large and it’s population is so small-just 2.8 million that this marvel of ultra modern architecture ,luxury shopping malls and fine cuisine has managed to top the list of world’s richest nations for the last 2 decades.

GDP(in PPP$ 1,32,886)


This country is also called Asia’s gaming capital.

Witha population just over 6,00,000 and more than 40 casinos spread over the territory of 40 square kilometres,this narrow peninsula is a money making machine.



You can visit Luxembourg for its castles and beautiful countrysides,it’s cultural festivals or gastronomic activities.

Itis situated in the heart of the Europe ,this nation of about 6,00,000 has plenty to offer to its Luxembourg uses its large share of wealth to deliver better housing ,health care and education to its people who enjoys the highest life quality so far in the world.



When the city state became independent in 1965 ,one half of its population was illiterate with virtually no natual resources .

It put itself up through hard work and smart policy , becoming one of the most business friendly places in the world.Today, Singapore is a thriving trade, manufacturing and financial hub with more than 97% of literacy.



Recently, Ireland seems unstoppable .While rest of Europe facing some sort of uncertainties , Ireland’s economy just moving up.

Havinga population less than 5 lakhs ,they are worst hit by global downturn.

Followingsome politically difficult reform measures ,including sharp cuts in public sector wages and restructuring it’s banking system ,the country gained it’s fiscal health and boosted it’s employment health.


Written By – Deepak Kumar ( Senior Analyst)

So here were the list of top 5 countries in the world along with their sources of wealth.

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