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Whey protein vs Mass gainer.Which is better? Full comparison.


The supplement industry has exploded with a lot of supplements today which gives a lot of hype and confusion to the fitness enthusiast mainly beginners.

The best way to choose a supplement is to know their functioning and characteristics.

Here’s the best comparison between the mass gainer and whey Protein.

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What is whey protein?

It’s a dietary supplement, a by-product of cheese manufacturing process.This purest protein is known for its rapid digestion.
This muscle fuel helps to increase daily protein intake.It is not only for bodybuilders but also for those who wants to stay fit.

What is mass gainer?

Mass gainer/weight gainer is the supplement that not only contains protein but also have carbohydrates and fats to produce calorie intake.

Mass gainer usually contains   carbohydrates and fats in the ratio of 3:1.

What is the difference between mass gainer and whey protein?

The main difference between the two is of calorie intake.Typical whey protein can provide 150-200 calories while mass gainer can provide you 1100-1200 calories.
Mass gainers provide 22-35% of protein while whey can provide 60% of protein.

How can we use according to the body requirements?

Here are some possible goals according to which you can choose between whey protein and mass gainer.

Want to build muscle?

If you want to train hard and finding it difficult to gain weight easily.Then,mass gainer is the best for you.It can provide you adequate calories.
If you want to slow your progress ,you can switch to whey protein.

Want to loose fat?

For an already muscle fat ,whey is best for you which provides muscular strength as well as reduce fat percentage of the body.

Want a lean body?

If you want a lean physique , then you should opt for whey protein.Extra fat provided by mass gainer can ruin your body.

Want to bulk?

For bulking ,mass gainer is the best option with large amount of calories and fat.
However,whey protein is suitable for bulking as well as normal supplementation.

Last but not the least, whether it’s whey protein or mass gainer , choose wisely according your body goals ,diet and exercise pattern.

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