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How to Write SEO friendly Article for Higher ranking in Search Engine

How to Write SEO friendly Article for Higher ranking in Search Engine

How to write SEO friendly article , how to rank faster in search engine, benefits of SEO friendly article , how to make content SEO friendly , these are some basic queries of  beginner bloggers.

They keep on posting articles , post without proper SEo and think of ranking  those post in search engine. Although , many other neglect it even after knowing it’s importance. Perhaps some don’t know how to write SEO friendly article.

However , knowing this fact , how to write SEO friendly article is must for advance as well as for beginners.

So here we learn to write SEO friendly article step by step along with it’s benefits.


What is SEO friendly Article

In daily life , you have gone through infinite number of articles in books, newspapers, magazines or in web browser.

But let me tell you newspaper article which we write for blog post is completely two different things and cannot be compare at all.

if you check any newspaper article then you will find that it is hardly as per SEO norms . On other hand blog post must be SEO friendly to rank in top ten in search engines. 

if you are a beginner then your website Domain Authority is very less. Moreover for a beginner creating back links is not a easy job. And website which rank in top ten has quite high domain authority and back links. But if your post is SEO friendly then there are chances to rank website without backlinks.

SEO friendly article is one who is written as per the norms of SEO. It should be optimized in a way such that , search engine crawler can easily read it and rank it according to it’s quality.

Although some marketers think this means it should be stuffed with focus keywords. It is really meant to help search engines find , understand and connect your content to the topic you are covering.


 Factors to write SEO friendly article

Actually to write SEO friendly article two things are of prime concern. One is content and another is the way article is written it’s layout.

You should give supremacy to content over other factors . unique , user friendly content is prime need of seo friendly article. Thus we can say content is god.

Second thing is to write article in blog post. Like focus keyword should be used properly , use of subheadings and use of key phrase in sub heading.


How to write SEO friendly article 

writing seo friendly  article is a art and if you master this art , you are the one who can rule over web. 

But for achieving this art your skills, endeavor , passion and endurance are required. Surely these qualities are not inbuilt in us. only thing is to develop these qualities.  

So here we will learn to write SEO friendly article step by step.


Uses Of Plugins

This section is only for word press users because availability of plugins  limited to WordPress. This section is only for word press users because availability of plugins  limited to WordPress .

In WordPress , there are multiple numbers of plugins , which can help you to write Seo friendly article . If your content is good then these plugins will aid you to maximize your Seo score.You have to be selective while using plugins .

Let me suggest you in opting quality plugins which has easy way of functioning . Here I will tell you about two majorly used plugin by WordPress users.

One is Yoast Seo and another is Rank math . As always , I will suggest you , if you are a beginner , then start with Yoast Seo .

Later on after gaining some experience , migrate to Rank math. There is valid reason behind this suggestion . As norms set by Rank math to declare article as SEO friendly , are almost impossible to fulfill by a beginner .

So start with Yoast Seo .Here we will discuss in detail about Yoast Seo parameters to write Seo friendly article and it’s working .


Yoast SEO

Yoast Seo is a word press plugin used for making content Seo friendly . It is available in free as well as paid versions.

But upgrading to premium version is of no use , as premium features are available in Rank math for free.

Parameters of Yoast SEO plugin

Yoast SEO judges your article in terms of SEO factors and readability . Before start writing article , you should declare your focus keyword or key phrase in given box.

According to focus key phrase yoast will measure your SEO score.These are some factors on which your SEO score of article will depend .


1)  key phrase in Introduction– your mentioned key phrase must appear in your introduction part of article. You can place it in first paragraph .

Else you can start your first paragraph with your focus key phrase . This helps Search engine crawlers to know exact topic of your article.

Ultimately it will increase your Seo score by  decreasing  crawlers efforts to find your article niche .


2) key phrase in title – it is obvious to have your focus key phrase in your post title . People looks at your title in Search engine.

If they feel title is some how related to their search , they will click on your post . So you have  to put your blog post keyword in title that is H 1 .


3) Meta Description length – Meta description is a short description of your post , so that readers can easily figure out topic of your blog post.

They need not to waste their time in reading out full article.Moreover users will click or not on your post that depends upon your provided meta description .

Also key word should be there in meta description


4) key phrase  density – This affect your rankings in search engine . Your focus key phrase should be used 1 or 2 percent of your content total words.

This does not mean that you do key word stuffing . Then your article has no meaning perhaps it can have adverse effect on your site as crawlers ranks meaning full posts.

Other SEO Factors

5) key phrase length – Long tail keyword are easy to rank as compared to short keywords. So to rank faster you need to make your focus keyword 3 to 5 words long.

Short keyword are most difficult to rank.

6) Outbound links – somewhere between your post and according to need , you can provide a one do- follow link of other site which is related to your post.

This things makes your site more authentic and search engine can trust your site.

7) key phrase in sub headings – Focus key phrase should not limit only to fist paragraph or title.

It should also seen in sub headings and between the article.


8) Key phrase in slug – slug is URL of your post. It should be only 2 or 3 word long. You can put your keyword in slug . This shows that your keyword is in slug.


9) Internal links – internal link is another vital thing to write Seo friendly article . It means that you can give link of your website post which is related to this post.

It’s benefit is that if user is reading your post and he found internal links useful , user can click it . He will be redirected to that post .

So ultimately your site traffic will increase with decreasing bounce rate.


10) Images – image make your post more attractive , beautiful and user friendly .Readers will feel refresh while reading your post when they look at images .

So this makes user more interesting and enthusiastic about your article .



This is another factor of Yoast Seo to give readability analysis of your article.This has no impact on your Seo but have a Equal importance like Seo .

Below are some factors discussed on which are basis of readability analysis.



1) Use of simple – Motive behind writing article is to provide authentic and useful information .However it depends upon you , how you convey it.

if you  use  difficult and sophisticated words , users may feel boring and annoying .

Everyone want simple language . So keep your article simple and easy to understand . Focus more on idea rather than language .


2) Headings and subheadings – Writing your whole article in just two or three paragraphs will not work .

This looks monotonous and boring for the readers . Dividing your post on small paragraphs will affect the readers psychology .

They will stay on page for longer time .When anyone looks at your post and  he founds small paragraphs , it will easy for him to read with breaks in long article.


3)Use of passive sentences – As per the yoast Seo , your article should not written in more than 10 percent passive sentences .

Readers like to read direct sentences. You can use indirect sentences but not more than 10 percent .


4) Sentence Length – To write Seo friendly article your sentences Length should not be more than 20 words .

Sentences with more than 20 words are acceptable only 10 percent of the article . So try to keep them short.


Alternative Plugin

These all were the methods you can use in WordPress with yoast Seo plugin There is another plugin made for the same purpose is Rank math .

Which gives all premium features for free. Features provide by Rank math is enough to get supremacy over yoast Seo .

But i told you in beginning  to use yoast Seo being a beginner . There are many users who are using blogger and in blogger , to write Seo friendly article is tough task.

As no plugins  or any other Seo support is available .So we have to find its alternative . What you can do is follow some tips provided above . Also focus on facts which i will tell you here.


How to write Seo friendly article in blogger

Here we will learn to write Seo friendly article in blogger without any plugin .

1)  Headings – Title for post is automatically served as h1 tag . H1 tag has prime importance because it is h1 tag which is going to appear in Search results .

So there should be only one h1 tag. Don’t even thinks of making any other headings as h1 .

2) Subheadings and minor headings – other than Title  all other headings are treated as subheadings and minor headings .

So in wordpress we use h2 tags but in blogger , h2 appear as subheadings . But you should not use subheadings more than 5 or 6 times in post .

You can select other headings as minor headings .


Writing layout

You should focus on your article word count . Generally article with 30p words are acceptable . But those article are not gonna rank  at any condition .

For ranking higher and immediately in search engine , write post of 1000 – 1500 words. Do not write meaning Less sentence for sake of increasing word count.

Try to elaborate your article and provide information about every topic related to your keyword.In addition to that , your paragraph length should not more than 3 lines.

Images – As i told you , add some pictures related to your blog post . This will interest of reader in your article.

Don’t forget to provide alt attribute to images . You can out your h1 tag in your image alt section.

Images size is part of on page Seo Techniques. Images used in article should be not more than 10 KB . Large image size can effect your page speed.

Also in blogger , there is option available about meta description and custom URL.

Meta description should be of 25 – 30 words with proper key phrase placement .Your URL should be same as focus keyword.

So here are enough factors we discussed here which are must to write Seo friendly article .


They are easy to follow in article as well as simple to understand .Many users feel that even after doing proper Seo , post cannot rank immediately in search engine . For them I have a example to show


How i ranked my post within one day

Talking about my website Pk Talks , Neither has good D A not have any back links. Even after that my recent post how to use market pulse  android app ranked at 16th position in google among millions of searches

How to Write SEO friendly Article for Higher ranking in Search Engine

Now you must be thinking how i did this. Just believe me that i have followed same tactics which i told u here.

Ranking in google is really a appreciable and mail biting task. But ig you have that determination and perseverance , you can do that also .

Here is image of website which has ranked in google in just 1 day after publishing.

How to Write SEO friendly Article for Higher ranking in Search Engine

Now it’s your turn.

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