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Yoga Exercise for Women to Improve health


Yoga is one of the safest , easiest and best way to keep yourself fit and fine . Especially for women , who are strongest pillar of the family . So it is necessary for the woman of the house to remain healthy. Here we will discuss some basic yoga exercise for women .


What to do before yoga exercise for women

Getting your body ready for yoga is thing of prime importance. Warm up is one of the activity. You can walk or run for 5 minutes before performing yoga exercises.

Theses activities stretch your bones and muscles so that you can easily bent your body. You will feel fresh and energies .

One more thing you can do is Anlom Vilom for 5 minutes . Anlom vilom increases you breathe holding capacity so that you can do breathe related exercises properly.

Moreover it solves your lungs problem. Experts says that if you daily practice Anlom Vilom , in whole life you will not face asthma or any breathe related problems.


Basic yoga exercise for women

Even though these simple exercises are perfect for the girls  ,you might also find them useful to improve your overall health, or relieve back pain, for instance.

Yeah, it’s known that yoga is an ancient practice that was initially implemented by men.

That’s why it’s true that most of its aspects normally consider the male nature, with its physical properties.

So, from the long list of possible yoga asanas or poses, here are 13 that I think are the most helpful yoga exercise for women. 

1. Mountain Pose

Let’s start with the most basic yoga exercise. Stand straight. Put your heels slightly apart so that your big toes touch each other.

Don’t bend any part of your back or neck- your spine must be straight. Keep your shoulders back, and your chin parallel to the floor.

To make sure you’re doing so, choose any distant object in front of you and look at it while performing this pose.

Now stretch your arms as if you’re trying to reach the sky, with your palms facing one another. Stand like this for 30 seconds to 1 minute,breathing easily, and thinking positively.


2. Tree Pose

 Standing straight, hold your arms to the side of your body. Bend your right knee, and then place your right foot high up on your left thigh.

Yoga Exercise for Women to Improve health

Make sure the sole is placed firm and flat above your knee joint, and your left knee is not bent. You can hold onto the wall to keep your balance.

If you can stand like that without any support,then raise your arms over your head and bring them together in a “Namaste” greeting.

Stand like this and breathe for at least 30 seconds, then gently bring your hands down to your sides.

Then release the right leg and repeat everything with the left leg.


3. Downward facing dog pose

Now let’s bend a bit and move to downward-facing dog. To implement this, make sure that both your hands and feet stay flat on the floor, your knees aren’t bent, and your overall body forms an upside down V-shape.

Don’t lift your head up, and try to look directly in front of you. Hold this position for 1 minute, and don’t forget to breathe properly.


 4. One-legged-downward-facing dog pose

As you can tell from the name of this pose,it’ll be pretty much like the previous one, except you’ll need to straighten one legend lift it up.

Pretend there’s a fire hydrant. You’ll feel your stomach muscles working here, by the way. Hold this position for at least 10 seconds;then switch the leg.

Do this exercise a couple of times for each leg and remember to not bend your knees, keeping your upper leg in one whole line with your spine.


5. Downward facing hero pose

This is it for the standing exercises. Now you might need your yoga mat. Sit down on the floor, with your pelvis resting on your heels.

Spread your knees to the sides, still keeping your feet together.

Lean forward, trying to put your chest, palms,and forehead flat on the floor.

Stretch your hands forward as far as you can. Try to hold this position for at least 30 seconds.


6. Cobra Pose

 Now hero turns to cobra. It’ll be easy to change from one position to another simply by redistributing your weight.

Put your hands on the floor under your shoulders. Hug your elbows back into your body. Press the tops of your feet and thighs and the pelvis firmly into the floor.

On an inhale, begin to straighten your arms to lift the chest off the floor. Make sure the lower part of your body stays flat on the floor.

Hold the pose anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds,breathing easily. Release back to the floor with an exhale. Try not to bite anything, ya know, cobra?


7. Child Pose

It’s probably the most famous, relaxing yoga pose, but still, let’s make sure that everybody knows how to do it properly.

Kneel down on the floor and spread your knee ship-width apart. Make sure that your heels touch your backside.

Take a deep breath and while exhaling, bend forward with your palms on the floor to reach with your arms as far as possible.

Since this pose is a resting exercise, you can stay in it from anywhere between 30 seconds to a few minutes.


8. Camel Pose

But don’t rush to stand up, ‘cause for the next exercise you still need to sit on your knees down on the floor. It’s time for a Camel Pose.

To enter the posture, you need to sit on your heels. Raise your pelvis, inhaling, and lean on your heels in turn.

Then, while inhaling, begin to move the pelvis forward, moving your center of gravity to your knees.

Your pelvis should stand in line with your knees. You shouldn’t “hang” your pelvis out behind your knees – this can create too much tension in the lower back.

The rib cage opens, the neck is stretched out (a glance at the ceiling or, even easier – look forward).

Try not to squeeze your lower back here, but keep it pulled out.


9. Butterfly Pose 

Sit straight, put your feet together, and spread your knees to the sides, lowering them as close to the floor as you can.

You can lean on the wall with your shoulder blades in order to control your posture.

Stretch upward, then lay forward, stretching your hands as far as you can, trying to put your stomach flat on the floor.

This will make your pelvis joints really work. Feel free to hold this position for 1-3 minutes,breathing deeply and thinking positively.

Now, still sitting on the floor, spread your legs as wide as you can. Try not to bend your knees here. When breathing in, lift your hands up.

When breathing out, lean forward as much as you can, but don’t round your back.

Instead, only lean in as much as you can while keeping your back straight. Once again, stretch with your stomach to the floor.

Do this pose 8-10 times, each time holding your position for a minute or so.


11. Candlestick Pose 

Now it’s time to lie down on your back. Bring your legs overhead, rolling your weight to your shoulders.

Draw your elbows together and place your hands on your lower back for additional support.

You can either stand still, with your feet facing the ceiling, or try to tap your feet down on the floor behind your head.

But be careful here, and do everything slowly. Make sure the weight remains in your shoulders and your neck is relaxed.


12. Shoulder Bridge Pose

Lie on your back, bend your knees, put your feet shoulder-width apart, and put your arms along your sides. If you can, hold your hands over your ankles.

Now slowly lift the pelvis up. Make sure that your shoulders, neck, and head stay flat on the floor.

Hold this one for 1 minute, then relax, and do this pose a couple more times.


13. Relax Pose

After a nice set of calm workouts, it’s high time for the final relaxation. Lie on your back. Spread your legs and arms to the side, with your hands facing upward.

Relax completely when breathing out. Just lie like that for at least 3 minutes to release all the muscles and joints of your body.


What to do after Yoga exercise for women

After doing above exercise , job is not completed . You have to practice this exercise to get full benefit from yoga .

Yoga Exercise for Women to Improve health

one of them is concentration . after exercise sit for 5 minutes with your back straight and hand on legs. And just relax . Don’t think anything and try to focus at any one thing . 

After five minutes just open your eyes slowly and rub your palm and put them on your eyes . This thing will help you to concentration skills and focus.

Also , concentration controls and anger and makes us capable of making right decision during harsh times . This is one of the best yoga exercise for women as well as for men.



All these pose are vital to relieve back pain,stimulate the blood circulation in the pelvis, and improve the circulation of the lymphatic fluid.

They not only improve your overall health,but also enhance your mood and productivity.

But what makes them amazing is that you won’t need any special equipment, or even much time to implement them on a daily basis.

Try not to forget that it’ll be much better to have a 30-minute yoga session every day, than to have a 2-hour workout, say, once a week.

Even though none of these poses requires special equipment, make sure that your clothes allow you to bend and stretch.

And remember: normally, there are no restrictions for yoga exercises. But in case you feel any discomfort doing any of these poses, or you have any special health condition, consult your doctor before you start practicing.


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