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MoviesVerse : Infamous Website to Download Bollywood, Hollywood Movies and Web Series


In India Content Piracy is at Peak with increasing content downloading sites despite of Strict Rules laid down by Apex Court and other authorities .

MoviesVerse is such website which allows content Piracy of Bollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies, Web Series and South Indian Movies. Becouse of MoviesVerse Movie producers are in loss as people can access their premium content for free. Which ultimately decreases Movies theatre Collection .

About MoviesVerse

Moviesverse is an infamous website known for releasing movies and different OTT series’ illegally online. The website provides a vast collection of illegal content for internet users. The website offers a wide variety of online content for free illegally and with ease.

Not just the website, but using the website is also illegal. The website is blocked in some parts of India but to continue its illegal operations the website remains to operate with different domain names.


Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi Series, South Movies, Web Series, Netflix, Hindi Dubbed.

Criminal Charges Against MoviesVerse

So far there are no reports of any criminal charge against the website. But not just the website, using other sites Moviesflix online website is also illegal.

Movies leaked by MoviesVerse

Many Hollywood and international films were leaked on the website within days of its release. MoviesVerse  online website has leaked films like Bad Boys for Life, Parasite, Dolittle, Birds of Prey etc. The website has leaked different web series that released quite recently, like Money Heist season 4, Ozark season 3, among others.

MoviesVerse has also leaked Indian Movies and web series . Radhe, Family Man , Mirzapur , Bahubali, Dabang 3, Race 3 and many more in a row .

How Popular is MoviesVerse ?

According to, a website that provides statistics on websites across various categories, Moviesflix has a global Alexa Rank of 48000.

This rank is based on traffic data collected by across a large number of internet users throughout the world. According to, the popularity of Moviesverse has increased over the last 90 days as its Global Alexa Rank changed from 479,913 to 24,280. Additionally, indicates that 6.3 page on this site is browsed daily per user with daily time spent on the site being 5.50 minutes.

(This information has been reported as found at on April 9, 2021, and Pk Talks does not claim accuracy of this information neither accepts any responsibility for the same).

How MoviesVerse and other movies sites work?

Content piracy is illegal as well as offensive act and anyone who indulges in such activities should be punished under Indian Penal Act.

Many search engines have already blocked some of the websites who promote such activities . Tamil rockers is one of them.

But owners and other people who operate such sites are quite Cunning as they know the art of making these authorities fool.

Once or twice in week such websites domain are blocked by Google but in mean time operator of such sites redirect users to newly bought domain name.

They do have lots of subdomain and they use them to maintain the same traffic as old domains were getting without losing any data.

Search engines should take an advance step to restrict these activities . Search Engines should not only block such sites but also delete their data so that in future if they redirect their site to new domain , no data is available .

In this way it will be very tough for the operators to recollect and built a new site . However if they did it blocking site again can broke their confident of pirating content .

What is Piracy

Piracy is malpractice in which someone steals the original Content from the owner of content and makes it available for public use for free even without acknowledging the owner.

In this People make profit from someone else content by selling it on their own and keeping the revenue which belongs to Content creators.

Piracy not only means Movies piracy but it also includes pirating a Script , story, audio or any other service/ creation.

Is Piracy considered as illegal activity In India?

Not only India , content Piracy is a crime and no doubt is illegal activity which must be terminate at any given cost. Suppose that you are working hard for a project and you are investing time, hardwork and handsome money in it and next day you friend steals the project and present it as his own work.

Imagine how much disappointing , astonishing and annoying this will be for you. Same situation is with content creators who put immense hardwork in creating beautiful content .

What Authorities can do for website like MoviesVerse who Promotes Piracy ?

Websites and platforms which promotes content or any other kind of piracy should immedieatly blocked and suspended by search engines.

Apex court should make strict rules to terminate such illegal activities and must set an example by punshing those who are responsible for Piracy.

Search engines like Google must change their algoritham in way to tackle these Cunning operators who have solution to every punishable act against them.

What Common people can do Regarding Piracy ?

To stop these illegal activities even common man take steps forward. To respect the work of creators what you can do is not to access MoviesVerse or any other sites who Promotes movies Piracy .

If you will not access these sites then there is no point of Piracy and these site will not make any revenue which does not belongs to them.

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Yes you can download those movies which are available for free on other platforms and released few years back.

Please for god sake do not download any premium content from such sites. Visit near by theatre or buy OTT premium subscriptions to watch movies .

So let’s take pledge with Pk Talks for not watching any premium content from MoviesVerse or any other sites. We will not even visit these sites .

PK Talks Thought on MoviesVerse

Movies downloading sites must be banned for life long . In this way only we can execute Malpractice of Piracy from our society. We must respect the work of original creators by Watching it on legal platforms.

Note:- Pk Talks does not support any kind of content Piracy and also request others to stop this . This article is written just to make aware people how wrong Piracy is.

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