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India Ranked 142 in Press Freedom Index being a Largest democracy


In Press Freedom Index India stands 142 ,same as of 2020 shows pathetic conditions for press in the world’s largest democracy.

What is Press Freedom Index ?

India is not among the safest country on the field of journalism.

Accordingto the Press Freedom Index 2021 published by Reporters Without Borders ,India ranks 142 same as the last year .

According to the report,India is among the worst reporting countries where reporters are not allowed to work effectively.

Report published on Tuesday also states that India along with Russia,Brazil and Mexico stands in worse category.

Why India is lacking behind?

In UPA government in 2004,India stands at 120 while at the end of UPA session in 2014,it falls down to 140.

According to the media reports ,4 journalist has been killed at work in the last year.

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Inspite of that,they have to face police violence,attacks of political goons and even have to face gangs.

Does government pressurise media?

According to the reports,after the formation of BJP government at centre in 2019 ,media has been pressurised to show and glorify the BJP as Hindu supportive party.

Some even think that Prime Minister directly influence the media reports that are going to be published.

Among 180 countries ,Norway topped the list followed by Finland and Denmark.

In West Asian countries ,Nepal stands at 106th, Srilanka at 127th rank ,Myanmar before military coup stands at 140th position.

Written By – Deepak Kumar 

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