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Significance of Balidaan and Paratrooper badge in Indian Army.


Military badges in Indian army are the awards authorised by the Indian armed forces that signify rating, qualifications or accomplishment in several career fields.

Here we discuss about the two important badges of Indian army ,earning them is a matter of pride for an individual.

Balidaan badge.

The special forces which form a part of Parachute regiment ,have a distinct insignia called balidaan.

Balidaan has a commando dagger pointed downwards,with upward extending wings extending from the blade and a scroll superimposed on the blade with ‘Balidaan’ inscribed in Devnagari ,the whole in a silver metal on an upright red plastic rectangle .

Only the para commandos are allowed to wear tha balidaan badge.

Balidaan means sacrifice .They wear this badge as their identity and very seriously means it too at times of operations.

The para sf has a motto to keep moving forward as –
“Men apart ,every man an emperor”

Paratrooper’s badge.

A paratrooper badge is awarded to uniform personnel after completing five jumps(three in day and two in nights) from an aircraft from an altitude not less than 1000 feet).

The parajumping course in conducted by the Indian Airforce Paratroopers Training school at Agra for all three paramilitary forces,state police forces as well as for friendly country forces.

The duration of the course varies from minimum 2 weeks to maximum 4 weeks.

Any uniform personnel who successfully completed the five jumps are authorised to wear the para jumpers badge on their uniform.

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