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Thalaivi Trailor Review , Kangna Ranaut, Jayalalita, Biopic


Once again Kangna Ranaut has won the hearts of Fans by providing us her next masterpiece.

Kangna Ranaut biopic Thalaivi Trailor launched on Wednesday . So here is Thalaivi trailor review which is biopic of South Indian Veteran Jayalalita.

Thalaivi movie script is written by  K. V. Vijendra Prasad father of S. S. Rajamaoli .

Before talking about Thalaivi trailor review, let us inform you that this is biopic of South Indian beloved Jaylalita.

Her fans gone crazy when trailor launched. Also role played Kangana Ranaut fits in every parameters.

Who was Jaylalita? 

Jayalalitha Jayaram, Jayalalitha also spelled Jayalalithaa, original name Komalavalli, (born February 24, 1948, near Mysore, India—died December 5, 2016, Chennai).

Indian film actress, politician, and government official who long served as the leader of the All India Dravidian Progressive Federation (All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam; AIADMK), a political party based in Tamil Nadu state, India.

Known simply by the name Jayalalitha, she served three terms (1991–96, 2002–06, and 2011–14) as chief minister (head of government) of Tamil Nadu.

Movie Overview 

Director – A. L. Vijay

Producer – Shailesh R Singh

Screenplay Writer – K. V. Vijayendra Prasad

Cast – Kangna Ranaut , Arvind Swamy , Prakash Raj

Movies Release Date – 23rd April 2021

Thalaivi Trailor Review 

Kangna Ranaut has faced the controversy when first look of Thalaivi released on later 2020.

But when Trailor of Thalaivi launch On Wednesday , everyone was in state amusement .

After watching the trailor fans cannot imagine anyone Other than Kangna Ranaut to be fit in Jayalalita Role.

As per the Trailor , Thalaivi should cover Avery phase of veteran Jayalalita.

Her Professional, Personal , Social and all others aspects of life are shown in 2 hours movie.

Talking about the Kangna Ranaut look in movie , it is as real as Jayalalita herself . Director has not left any stone unturned .

As per the Trailor Thalaivi movie will create a milestone when it will hit the Silver Screen on 23rd April 2021.

So this was short Thalaivi Review , hope you liked it. For more such interesting hot topics visit our website Pk Cinema.

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