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Difference between Intraday Trading and Delivery Trading In Stock Market

Intraday Trading

Intraday Here we will briefly discuss about difference between Intraday and Delivery Trading in stock market.

Also we compare Intraday Trading and Delivery Trading in terms of profit , feasibility and execution .

Intraday Trading

What is Intraday Trading ?

When both Selling and Buying of Stocks , commodity or shares is executed in same day , this kind of trading is Intraday Trading.

Let’s assume you have bought  Crude oil at certain price.

Now you can hold it till the market time ends for the day.

You can sell it before also. Otherwise your crude oil will be sold 5 minutes before closing of Market for the day.

Even if you are facing loss, you have to sold it.

This is key difference in these two kind of tradings.

What is Delivery Trading?

When selling and Buying of stock, shares or commodity product is not done on same day or when you can hold your stocks for others days.

This type of tradings refers to Delivery Trading.

This kind of trading also called as Carry Forward trading.

As the name suggest you can hold you bought or sold stocks for future and execute them later on accordingly.

In this you need to sold your stock against your will rather you can do that when you are in profit.

Now we will see which is better and benefitial for you.

Feasibility of Intraday Trading and Delivery Trading 

When the query arise that which one you choose to maximise your profit.

Preferred answer is you can choose as per you Financial conditions.

When you choose Intraday Trading , you need less Amount of money to buy or sell a Share , stock or Commodity product.

On other hand you have to execute your trade on the same day. No matter you are in loss or profit.

Where as In Delivery Trading you need 5 times more money that you need in Intraday trade to buy or sell a stock.

But you can hold it for future and execute trade in profit.

Now if we have to suggest which one a person choose that if you are professional investor then you can go with Delivery Trading .

Otherwise you should choose Intraday Trading as it required less money so you can get shares or stocks easily .

So here were some key difference between Intraday Trading and Delivery Trading.

If you are investor then you need to get update about stock prices. 

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