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How to make money online? Top 10 ways to make money in India.


Earning money online is one of the best ways to manage your expenses according to the current situations.

Online money market is extremely big and growing at a very fast rate.It has already worth of billions of dollars.

A large group of people are employed in it. Online earnings provides every skillful person a platform to make money in their respective fields.

Earning online is not rocket science. There are millions of people who are using online to make millions of dollars every single year.

There are also successful affiliate marketers like Pat Flynn who are making millions of dollars online.

So there’s no shortage of making passive income when it comes to online. But the only thing we want you to know is this: don’t look for shortcuts.

Start a YouTube Channel

If you’re looking for a FREE way to make money online in India, you should definitely try starting a YouTube channel.

YouTube is HUGE as there are over 1.9 billion users logging in every single month.

Also, YouTube has over 2.3 billion MONTHLY active users.

Due to COVID Pandemic, everyone is relying on YouTube to watch videos, learn something, or for entertainment purposes.

So, this is probably the RIGHT time to start and grow your own YouTube channel.

If you’re curious to know why you should create your own YouTube channel in 2021 to earn money online in India, here are some of the stats you should probably know.

YouTube has over 2 billion monthly users and it’s also one of the biggest search engines after Google

74% of adults in the U.S. use YouTube (so if you want to target high CPC keywords to make more money, YouTube is probably the best platform)

94.5% of OTT watchers in the U.S. are watching YouTube

People watch more than a billion hours of video on YouTube every day (yes you heard it right, a billion hours every SINGLE day!)

People watched 100 billion hours of gaming on YouTube in 2020 (if you’re good at gaming, you should definitely consider starting a channel!)

The earning may vary from 25000 to infinite per month.

Google AdSense

It is one of the easiest ways on how to make money online in India from home without any initial investment. What do you need? Blog, website, or YouTube channel.

It is an advertising program, for which you can register for free. Once registered you will get a code that you can add to your website.

How it works?

Select the ad you want on your website,

Chose where you want adds to appear,

Watch the highest paying ads to go live,

Leave the money stuff to.

There is no upkeep or maintenance to get this thing going, which makes it a no-brainer if you have a website already. How much you can earn?

Google pays out 68% of their AdSense revenues, so for every $100 an advertiser pays, google pays $68 to its publishers. So you can earn a decent amount of money depending on the traffic.

I think paying out 68% of revenues is huge, think about it,

Fact: Google pays over 10B to its publishers every year.

Affiliate Marketing

It is like running a retail shop. The difference here is, the products you are selling are not your own. So, if you are learning how to make money online in India selling products, services and you don’t even need to own them.

What do you need? If you have a website or trying to figure out an idea for a blog, or just need to learn how to make money online in India from home with the help of your mobile, then you are good to go.

So how does it work?

Partner with brands and business-like, Amazon, Flipkart, or any company related to your websites, etc.

Most business-like Amazon, Flipcharts has their own websites from where you can apply for affiliate marketing for free.

From there, you will get a link to the product.

You need to share the link and whenever someone purchases the product using your link you get paid.

For sharing the link you can use any social media platforms, websites, etc.

So, you can make a good amount of money ranging from $300per day to $3000 per day. My sister is a great affiliate marketer, she does it using different social media platforms and earns around Rs.25000 to Rs. 30000 every month. She is a student hence time is of utmost importance for her, she spends no more than 2hr of her day for this work.

Learn Stock Market Trading

Unlike other ways of how to make money online in India, for trading, you need some money to start with.

You can earn money online by doing stock trading if you know the right stock to pick.

There are various YouTube channels, other resources available online to learn and understand the concepts of trading.

One of the best ways to start learning and trading is to register on Zerodha which is India’s biggest stockbroker service.

Varsity by Zerodha is one of the good resources to learn to trade.

This is a way in which people can earn millions.

This is my personal favorite, my dad and I ourselves do it, and we are able to make at least 10lakhs every year.

As the most successful investors Warren Buffet once said-

“I made my first investment at age eleven. I was wasting my life up until then.”

But be aware this is also a way, through which people lose millions, it is all about choosing the right stock. So start with a small amount of money and learn, then go for big deals.

Surveys, Searches, and Reviews

There are several websites and businesses which pay money for filling up surveys, carrying out online searches, and writing reviews on products.

There are many reputed companies to choose from like Swagbucks, Prize Rebels, which are available where you can give surveys to earn money and rewards.

Stick with the companies which offer you a decent number of surveys.

Avoid opportunities that take lots of your time and pays very less.

This is a fun way. You can even earn points, referrals, gift cards, using apps like step set go which pays you for walking, google opinion rewards. There are many such apps and websites available.

Swagbucks pays its users between $0.05 and $2.50 (and sometimes as much as $25 – $35). It depends on the type of survey.

Become a Consultant

You can sell your advice and knowledge to many people. You don’t have to be a super expert in one domain to become a consultant or teacher, you just have to be better than your student or client.

I acquired content marketing skills by working with a lot of startups. Sometimes I got success and sometimes failure, with every failure I learned something new in content marketing. Now people call me content marketing expert and gladly pay me Rs. 5000 per hour for my advice over the phone/skype.

I help them in making a content marketing plan. They get more business by running better marketing campaigns.

Anyone with a core competitive skill can become a consultant and find clients online. For example, if you are a legal or finance professional, then you can make your website, and start attracting clients online.

You can either monetize your existing skills, or learn new skills that make money online.

Don’t expect to make quick money without having skills.

I am saying it again, It is possible to learn online skills in few months of dedicated time.

Make Money from Facebook, Instagram

There is no limit on the earning potential through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Hey, I am not cracking jokes. There are people out there who charge as much as 20,000 rupees for just one tweet or Facebook post. Now close your mouth, it’s true.

Here are some of the ways that I am aware of, to earn money through Facebook. I myself paid money directly to admins to promote my content on Facebook pages (not to confuse with Facebook advertisements).

The social media fan base is an asset for such people, most of them are in the entertainment domain. People related to fashion and entertainment domain can monetize their Instagram page.

You can check the fan base of BhakSala, Gabbar Singh and StoryPick, and you can imagine how valuable those can be for any company who want to advertise on such pages.

Income from Writing Work

I never thought I will ever become a writer. I started writing for my startup blog and found a connection with words.

Honestly, I was never good at English and still working on improving my grammar. Today, most of my businesses run based on my writing skills.

I learned that formal education is not required to become good at any work.

If you like writing, then just start it. There are many experts available online who are willing to teach you write good copies.

Trust me, many companies are looking for good writers but it is difficult to find writers who write well. You can be the next one. A good writer charges between 5,000 Rs to 20,000 Rs per article.

Start a Product Startup

That is the most beautiful and profitable way of running an online business. I failed at two startups but got success at content marketing. You never know how a startup can help in your growth.

You have to work hard to make a product that customers want to buy. The whole process of starting a product company, hiring a team, selling the product is very exciting.

There is a big market in personal finance space, you can start a company or blog to facilitate loans people with low credit score, or providing a credit limit to people with a high credit score.


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