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How to play Chess to Train your Mind


Introduction to Chess

Chess was introduced to the Arab world. Transcending its role as a tactical simulation, it eventually became a rich source of poetic imagery. Diplomats and courtiers used chess terms to describe political power. Ruling caliphs became avid players themselves. And historian al-Mas’udi considered the game a testament to human free will compared to games of chance .  Chess is a very interesting & entertaining game but at the same time, its very complicated. Although its difficult to master chess, but you can easily get better at it.

Improve your Chess playing skills

Now the next question that comes to our mind is: How can we get better and How do we practice in order to improve fast?  I am going to share with you some really use full tips that will help you to improve your chess game in a very short span of time. So without further a do, let’s get started. As a beginner, when you are starting off , all you need to focus on are the basics.

Just keep things simple. Don’t overburden yourself by thinking about strategies & tactics. There are a lot of basic things that you should understand and learn quickly. And believe me, learning these basics is not time consuming. In fact, if you practice correctly and even if you are making faults , learn from your mistakes, you can easily become a better chess player.

Stop Playing Rapid games

Stop playing those quick rapid chess games such as the blitz bullet. They just take you nowhere. Speed is not what you are trying to achieve,it’s the understanding that is important. You need time to think over your moves analyse different situations and all this cannot be done in short games. Therefore, you need to play standard games which give you time to think and strategize . In every situation, take time and think of all possible good moves. Also, try to figure out how your opponent will react  then accordingly, play your moves. That’s how you will get better.

Solve Chess Puzzles

How to play Chess to Train your Mind
This is one of the best ways to practice. Try to solve as many chess puzzles as possible. Games are time consuming. The good thing about puzzles is that they don’t take much of your time. You just need to analyse different positions find the best move in a particular situation. This helps you in reading chessboards  improving your chess skills .

After playing a few games, you must have realized that you are actually not that bad. Its just that at some point, you play a very bad move. A move you wish you had not played. A blunder that gives your opponent a match-winning advantage. Its just those one or two bad moves that cost you the game. Its hard at times to figure out why this happens.

But I can give you some pointers. There are high chances of playing a bad move in the middle game because there are lot of moves possible at that stage.

Also , at times, we get so frustrated thinking that we just say, okay let’s play this. And that’s when the mistake happens. Its very important, especially in the Middletown take your time and think of all possibilities. Don’t play anything in hassle. Let me give you a secret tip here. 

Don’t try to attack very soon. But ,This is a big mistake that beginners make. When in doubt, its always best to continue with your piece development and bring all your pieces into play. Wait for the right time. This way you will be able to eliminate those blunders from your game.

Try To be innovative

Don’t stick to a particular opening. Try out different opening styles to broaden your understanding of the game . By using different opening variations, you will be able to analyse different positions and understand your game better.

This will help you to identify what types of openings suit you. You will learn something new from every game you play and that’s what is most important.

Don’t memories moves

The problem with memorizing moves is that if your opponent plays something unexpected, you will be lost. You won’t understand what to do. So forget about memorizing and Just focus on the bigger idea.

This idea can be anything. It can be to open up the game by trading pieces or to target the king’s side or just to eliminate a central pawn. Play towards that idea. Just free yourself from the bookish moves and focus on your ultimate goal. You will be surprised to see how your thoughts flow and You will automatically start to find your moves.

Enjoy the Game

Just Enjoy the game. Have fun playing chess. Don’t take it too seriously. Yes, I understand you get upset when you make mistakes lose games that you should have won. But look Ultimately, its just a game so you need to enjoy it.

In chess you have opportunities to try out different situations which life usually don not have. Chess gives real time feeling of completion and the feeling of victory is astonishing . One thing that I love most about chess which makes it superior than other indoor games is that we pre-warn our opponents of attack . This things is not observe in any game.

Chess train your mind to take multiple as well as befitting decisions in hard times. It also refreshes our brain cells , so try playing chess and enjoy.

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