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New what’s app privacy policy . Here’s what if you don’t accept.


Facebook owned what’s app rolled out its  new privacy policy earlier this year.

After officially announcing the privacy policy ,the company has to face a lot of criticisms as it made compulsory for the users to accept the service if they want to continue .

This was one big reason that people switch to other messaging apps like Telegram and Signal .

After facing the criticism ,the company decided to push the rollout of the policy for three months.

During this period ,the company tried to persuade its users about the policy and make them understand that the company can’t read their conversation as the chats are end-to-end encrypted.

The company claims that things will remain same for the normal people. Only changes apply if they interact with business on what’s app.

Now, the new privacy policy came into effect on May 15.

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Wondering what will happen if you not accept the terms?

The company earlier said that the account will be deleted if you don’t accept the policy.

But now ,the company confirmed that your account will not be deleted.Instead,the users will not have full functionality until they accept the terms of service.

Users will be able to receive calls and notifications but can’t send or read messages. But this will be done only for a short time.

Recently ,a report revealed that Whatsapp is working in a new feature that will enable seamless transfer of chat history between android and iOS devices.

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