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10 Best Ways to Promote New Website for Free


One of the easy and quick way of driving traffic is to promote new website for free on different platforms .

Actually all beginner bloggers faces the problem of less traffic hence negligible revenue.

It takes around 6 month to get handsome valid traffic to a newly designed website.

But here I will introduce you to 10 fabulous ways to promote new website for free. These methods will help you to get more traffic to your website.

Within no time you will start getting 1 k-5 k valid visitors.


Promote new website for free on social media

Social media is a platform where your post can achieve millions of users in very less time. Just you have to write SEO friendly article with proper on page SEO.

Good content becomes viral immediately if it is worthy of it.

So choosing social media to increase traffic on your website is a wise decision.


How to promote new website for free on social media

Now you are fully aware of social media importance. But you must know to use social media to promote new website for free.

In present time there are multiple social media platform are available but we have to choose best from rest.

We will discuss some of them in details.

1) Face book

I think it needs no introduction. Every one knows about its use.

At present there are around 2.45 billion people are using face book globally and 1.75 million people visiting it every day.

These figures are enormous as well as motivating. So we can easily get approx 200 to 500 visitors everyday from Face book only .

But here you should know proper way to get benefit out of it.

You have to look for Face book’s groups which are related to your niche or topic of website. For example your website is related to search engine optimization.

Then search group for the same. Target those groups which have sufficient followers.

Pick up 3 to 4 groups like these and sent follow request. Your request will be accepted within 2 to 4 days.

Now your platform is ready.

Whenever you post new material or article on your website just post the same in those groups.

There are lots of people who can be interested into your content and visit your site.

How many visitors you can get from here is depend upon your content. So write SEO friendly and authentic content for your readers.

Your content should be worthy of reading time and also make sure it can attract visitors to visit next time.



2) Twitter

Again most of the people are aware of it and many more are using Twitter.

But apart from dirty Politics and criticizing others, there are ways to get benefit out of it.

Coming onto the free website promotion from Twitter is smart as well as matter of hard work.

Generally what people do, they just post there latest article or review of products on twitter as Face book post.

But let me tell you, this act is beneficial only when you have a huge following, so that large number of people can reach out to your site.

On other hand, what you should do is smart work. There are n numbers of political, economical, social issues which trends for hours.

You have to hit on the nail at right time. Suppose you have written article on banning apps by Indian Govt.

You have to be clear that this topic is quite interesting and people wants to know about it deeply.

So just write a quality article and do proper on page SEO . When this topic in on trend, post your article and don’t forget to tag the topic.

This tweet of yours will be available to the people whom even you don’t know.

If people found your article worthy of reading and well informative, they will surely visit your site.

This will ultimately increase number of visitors on your site.


3) Medium

This name might be strange for some. If you are one of them, just go through this section thoroughly.

Medium is just a awesome way to rank your site in few minutes. Even your post can rank on high competition keywords.

Just register yourself to the medium with Google account. Now comes the time to get huge traffic from medium.

It takes just few minutes to do the following things. You can simultaneously post your article on medium when you are posting on your website.

Just reach out to medium dashboard and click on new story. You will be asked to write your article or product review.

Just copy and paste the same here. Now here comes the smartness. You only have to write 25 percent of your post in medium and at last just finish up with magical sentences along with the link of your post.

Ending words must be attractive, then only readers will redirect to your site. Here you are driving traffic to your site as well as getting quality back links from medium.

Now here we will go through live case study which myself have experienced.

Promote new website for free

 I have did the same thing, and results were motivating and just mesmerizing. Here you can see I write post few minutes ago and ranked immediately.

So you have to use medium to promote your website for free if you are lacking visitors on your site.


4) Quora

Quora is a question and answer website where questions are created, answered, edited and organized by its community of users.

The company was founded in June 2009, and the website was made available to the public on June 21, 2010.Quora has got 100 million monthly visitors .

Good answers on Quora can direct a huge targeted traffic to your website and make sales.

They also increase recognition of a brand. As for me I am giving answers about SEO.

Quora not only helps in getting traffic to your site but also in ranking faster.

Here you will learn to drive traffic to your website and to promote your website free by Quora.

First of all, you need to look out at the niche in Quora which matched with your niche .

After that you have to look for a question which you can answers Using the post you have written.

You must know that there are others people too are answering the same question. So you have to write long and precise answer for the selected query.

You have to Focus mainly on first two paragraphs, so that readers continue to read full answer.

Just highlight the main keywords and divide your answer in paragraphs.

So that It is easily readable by others. At the end you have to put the link of your post or you can do it in between the answer.


How to Protect your account from blocking

From your given link, visitors may go to your site. Suppose that you are getting 1000 views per day, and then at least 10 percent people may visit your site.

This means you can get easily 100 to 150 visitors for one answer only. But while giving your link in answer might violate the Quora policies.

Moreover Quora can block you for a week or long time. So you need to be smarter while providing link of site in answer.

Most of the people just put read more tag or know more to get redirection. But let me assured you , This things is Against the Quora spam policies and Quora will surely block you .

When i started using it , I too was blocked many times . But then i improve my work and now my answer is really getting enough views.


5 ) Pinterest

Pinterest is an American image sharing and social media service designed to enable saving and discovery of information (specifically “ideas”) on the World Wide Web using images and, on a smaller scale, animated GIFs and videos, in the form of pin boards .

The site was created by Ben Silbermann , Paul  Sciarra , and Evan Sharp and had over 400 million monthly active users  as of August 2020. It is operated by Pinterest, Inc., based in San Francisco

It is one of the majorly used platform by many users to drive enormous traffic to their  site .As mentioned above it is image website so here we use attractive and beautiful images to get visitors .

First of all sign up using any Gmail account. When your Pinterest account is ready , just create boards .

Let me brief you what are boards in pinterest and how to use them .Boards are the group of images which may have same topic .

For example if you create Boards like SEO So there you need to put pictures related to SEO only . You can create those as per your requirement.

Now you need to create pins in your boards. Pins are like a topic which is created inside Boards.

Like if SEO is board then on page SEO can be pin.

While pinning you have to provide the URl of post which you want to get promoted.

Along with that just put one Beautiful picture related to your topic. Usually good pictures have more chances of more clicks .

Now if any one looks for that topic and if he or she clicks on your image, then viewer will be redirected to your site.

This way you can get really massive traffic for Pinterest.



6 ) Question Hub

Google Question Hub is a knowledge market platform developed and offered by Google.

As part of reducing non-existent digital media backlog, it uses various but not-known search algorithms to collect unanswered web search queries for content creators, including journalists.

Apart from google search , there are queries which are answered by google question Hub .

Generally it covers every query and covers thousands of topics . 

Before using it you need to just sign up with Google question Hub and submit your website.

Once your site is ready, you can provide answers to the questions .

Now here we will discuss every single bit of thing related to question Hub .

After publishing a post on website, you need to look out for question related to it.

But finding question is cake walk and very much easy for anyone .

Just type your Focus keyword in question section of question Hub.

A list of question will be appeared before you. Just select question which closely resembles your keyword and click on add questions.

Now here comes the way to answer the question. Submitting an answer is much more easier then finding a question .

Select all questions which you have added.

You need to copy the URL of post, and click on submit button .

Now if someone looks for the question for which you have provided answer, he will click on it and will be redirected to your site immediately .

Question Hub provides features to know the statistics of your submitted answer .

Promote new website for free

Just go into the statistics column, there will be details provided for number of people who clicked your answer and impressions .

So here we discussed every thing necessary to be known about question Hub.


7) is a content curation service that let’s you turn socially shared content into beautiful online newspapers and newsletters.

But more than that, it’s an easy to use, powerful tool that helps you save time by surfacing content (blogs, articles, sites, video, and images) and people who are interested in the same topics that you are!

You tell them which type of content or topics you would like them to monitor and they round it up as often as you wish, and present it to you in the form of an online newspaper.

Then team send out email alerts, Tweets and social posts on your behalf letting your community know when the latest edition of fresh content is online.  save you the time and hassle of manually scouring the web (and multiple sources) to find the content you’re looking for and deliver it to you automatically, as often as you wish.

Here you can easily in short span of time you can reach out People and let them to know about your content.

If your written content is unique and informative then people will automatically reach out to you and ultimately increasing traffic site to high.


8) Viral content Bee


Viral Content Bee is a web-based platform that utilizes a crowd-sourcing model to facilitate the generation of REAL “social buzz” on quality content.

Viral Content Bee allows you to get Face book Likes and Tweets from established social media accounts that are primarily outside of your normal social media channels.

This keeps the sharing organic and gives your content REAL social signals! Not only does Google love these types of signals, but it also means more eyeballs on your content.

This type of organic sharing gives your content its best chance to go viral!


9) Instagram

Here you can just post your link like Facebook post.

Moreover you can put your site link in your profile Bio.


10) Other Platforms

Above are some free and best platform to promote your website for free.

Now we will look at some other platform which will help you to index fast in search engines and will make your content to reach out to different search engines.

Like free web submission, ping , pingler , ping-o-matic , active Search results and Bing are some best platforms for the same .

Following above steps in same manner as described will bring you good amount of visitors everyday .Here our content should be of prime focus .

If your content is well informative and unique, readers are bound to visit your site. So just try to write good content.


Now it’s your turn , if you like this content and worthy of sharing just share with your friends and let everyone know the secret of getting more traffic to their site.

You should also read how to rank website without backlinks and proper on page SEO techniques .

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